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11 Nov 2012 17:05:37
We desperately need quality experienced players but according to The Sunday Express Jones wants Connor Wickham, he is only 19 can't get in to Sunderlands team and they can't buy a goal so he should fit in perfectly. Wonder if Jones is starting a crèche.

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If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable.
Is this man for real ?
Hes bought a load of kids already who cant get in the side and its obvious to anybody that has watched us for more than 90mins we are CRYING OUT for a bit of experience in the team !
DJs solution ---- an even younger kid than those we've already got ?

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Wickham is a good player no one will be moaning when hes scoring goals! We will NOT go down I no that for sure. 3 points against forest you mark my words!

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A good player is judged on his performances not his name (remember Francis Jeffers?) and if he was performing he wouldnt be available to us on loan !
He was a brilliant 17yo who has yet to fulfill that promise so hes gonna come here and get £20grand a week same as Bothroyd while Madine who looked up for it on friday gets told to catch the3 train to Swindon.
Its all gone mad down at S6 !!

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Someone comments on a report in a Sunday newspaper and two persons disagree with the post. Which planet are they on, or can't they read a newspaper.

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I don't disagree with you !! (LOL)

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Mattock was a very good teenage player. Enough said.

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He hasnt signed or played for us yet! How can we rate him !? If he signs give him a chance!

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Do you only watch players that play for us?
Didnt you see him at his best playing for Ipswich. Did you see him play for Bruce at Sunderland when he first went there, only on TV admitted.
But when you know hes only got picked about 5 times in last 12months and been playing in U21 league all that time even DJ should know hes not the answer to our problems which are too big for a 19yearold lad to sort out. Hes already bought a load of them anyway.

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To be fair Hemroyd makes Jeffers look like Maradona.

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11 Nov 2012 15:35:43
Just to remind everybody ANTONIO was signed by MEGSON not DJ .
People keep saying hes DJs only good signing n he didnt even sign him !!

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He was signed permanently by dave jones,megson signed him on loan

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My take on the 'who signed Antonio' question is this, neither Megson or Jones signed him, it was Manderic who really wanted him at Wednesday that's why he flew out to Portugal pre season to talk to Reading and get a deal done. Manderic signed him, just my opinion. Up the Owls.

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Either way cant give Jones any credit for signing Antonio and it was Megson who did the spadework, surely we can agree on that

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Megson brought him to the club first on loan there for megsons find

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Megson tried to sign Ben Marshall look what happened it would only have turned out the same if he tried to sign Antonio on a permanent deal also dj signings havent been great such as Gardner mattock even Antonio himself has he had too much pressure on him plus djs formation is questionable 4141 get back to 442

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Megson couldnt sign marshall becouse of his wages we was in league 1 it was mm who wouldnt caugh up thats why he went to leicster, dj wouldnt even have been able to sign anyone let alone antonio if megsons promotion winning team what he put together won promotion for dj, hes done a good job bringing youngsters in for the future but yet there playing week in week out and were relying heavily on them there not the finished product yet and its to much for them,so there for the future but theyve got to keep us in this league probly to have a future with wednesday!! its a cheap make do side with no experience and no real quality

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11 Nov 2012 11:28:58
You realise how bad things have got at your club when like me you look at the fixtures for the rest of the season and can't see where the next victory is coming from and just hoping for damage limitation. Confidence was sky high at the end of last season both on and off the pitch, whats gone wrong?

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I know exactly how you feel and I bet there are thousands more like us !!

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Yep thousands it can only be down to one man DJ

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Bristol city at home next win

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Bristol City at home next POSSIBLE win

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Totally agree mate. It wasn't that long ago that everyone involved in or around Wednesday was buzzing. Other managers were saying how hard we were to beat, we were physically strong, we had pace, good at set pieces, the crowd got behind the team etc. All this is now condemned to history in just 6 months. I'm not in to slagging our managers but when you look at our backwards steps then the finger can only be pointed at the current manager. Bad signings, bad decision making, bad tactics and bad excuses for our results after each game. I believe the main problem is the current managers ability to get the team working as a unit. Under Gary Megson the togetherness was clear for all to see which is something all successful teams have no matter what league they are in. Maybe it's now time to put someone in charge with a reputation for man management and a winning mentality who can get the best out of the players that we have and bring the togetherness back and the fight that they showed under Megson while the season is still young and who knows, a brilliant run and the play offs may even be possible.

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At last someone that's making sense at last. Sometimes it just don't work out for certain managers at certain clubs. Just ask Davey Jones. Get rid of him he's tish.

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Bring back GARY MEGSON! ! !

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