Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive May 11 2013


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11 May 2013 20:42:16
DJ is to make a bid for Keith Treacy to bring back to S6.

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Good deal if true

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Please can people put there sources? you can't just put on what you would like to happen?

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I'd av him for the same job as Marshall would do

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Yes they can?

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11 May 2013 17:51:06
Wednesday looking at Southampton youngster Ben reeves on loan

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Loan loan loan - here we go again get some money spent 7 & get the squad improved

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I'm happy with loans if it brings in success, what difference does it make?

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I'm happy with loans too, as long as they don't come with stipulation like they must play if fit.

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Have said before its not only transfer fees its, wages agent fees etc. we can't match wages of leeds forest leicester, not to mention wages of premier clubs coming down with parachute payments, be patient slow progression develop our own young players milan has saved us and when he sells us I have no doubt it will be to the wright person, but we are not a london club, so it will take time. mid table finnish next year would be further progression, I bet we don't spend more than £1.5 million.

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Jeez. Not London. Right I'm off, total waste of 38 years.

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Loans - Look at Watford

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11 May 2013 17:48:09
Wednesday want Italian midfielder macro rigoni. 33 years old but he might be able to string 2 passes which would be a step forward

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Haha, very good.

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Wouldn't mind a signing like this

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11 May 2013 12:40:19
Ben Marshall, out of favour at leicster and surplus to requirements if leicster get to the prem, so wants to move back to South Yorkshire and play for the massive

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Ffs this ben marshall saga's getting reyt borin now. he isn't comin so grow up

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We have not got money for him till we offload.

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Ben marshall told my mate last year he never wanted to sign for us, and never will, sooooo shhhhhhhhh, he's not cumin!

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Ben Marshall as been in poor form this season so why would we sign him

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Cos he is awesome and loves the blue and white.

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I would definitely have him back if possible because he may not be as quick as jj and Antonio but puts in a much better cross, I'd have him on wing Antonio on right and jj behind striker whoever that will be next season

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Please just stop going on about Ben Marshall please. Not going to happen

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Ben Marshall absolutely loves Wednesday and has admitted that things haven't been that good for him at lcfc and that he would love to play for Wednesday again. whether or not he does is a different question

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Ok, so what is the question?

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The question is how much will we pay him.

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14 May 2013 01:38:10
Money grabber, would not like to see him back he had his chance

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