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11 Jun 2013 23:23:18
Dave Jones is to be unveiled as the new manager of Wigan Athletic by the weekend. Compensation package agreed between MM and Dave Whelan.

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Bull sheeeeeeet

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Why on earth would he want to move to a smaller club, who yeah may have been in the premier league last season, but also who have clearly peaked.

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Wishful thinking

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More money to spend helps

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I do hope so!

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No chance Dave Jones will be Wigan next manager there is better mangers out there. yes we got a better fan base
but wigan have got more money then us

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Jones not even in the running for the Wigan job-initial post a load of tosh! It wouldn't be the end of the world if he went elsewhere-I can think of three or four other managers who are currently available who I would like to see at S6 instead. However, I think given two or three 'quality' signings-by quality I don't mean Jay Hemorrhoid or Sidibe-he will turn us into a playoff-chasing team next season. !

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Please let's hope so, owen coyle would be a good replacement who would try and get the ball down and play and not just route 1

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Jones has never been one to swap and change always states he's a builder and won't go until he believes he's been a success

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Why would Wigan want jones? Failed at every job he's been in

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Please god let it be true

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No he as not failed at every job

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How has DJ failed at every job he has done? Just think about us for a minute!
He was brought in to ensure promotion, we went up, his brief last season was to keep us in Championship and we did so how can the poster say he failed at every job!

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This is a non starter 1 dave whelan likes young up and coming managers 2 dj won't leave a job half done IMO gus poyet in frame

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What's Dave Jones ever won as a manager? Success is based on trophies it's as simple as that so I ask you again, what as Dave Jones ever won as a manager? Well?

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Success is based on improving a clubs standing! Only a certain few
clubs win trophies if you look at the last twenty years. We have improved a bit financially and on the field over the last 2 or 3 years!
DJ finished off the promotion year by getting automatic! We struggled at first in 2nd tier but we got results second half of season! We need to be
looking at just above half way as the target! That would carry on the upward curve! DJ is capable of that he is experienced! In management that counts for a lot! All so called good managers have ups and downs! I value what others in the game say and many mangers respect DJ. He is not perfect nobody is but it is a tough job! give DJ chance to carry on the upward curve!

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What a stupid comment!

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When we talk about the quality or not and how many signings, has anyone taken into account financial fair play. This comes in this season, Have a look at the Blackpool chairmans' comments on Sky. If any club reports losses above 4mil next season they're in the S***. There are many clubs in the Champ who live way beyond their means, Wednesday aren't one of them.


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11 Jun 2013 23:20:55
O gready to Barnsley 300k

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Why call him ogready

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Cause he is & Barnsley can av him want good strikers at s6 get him out o'gready him & blunts mcsue r just after money we want a true striker up the owls

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Not greed. He has been treated shabbily.

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I don't see why selling O'Grady and bringing in Davies is a step forward for the club.

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12 Jun 2013 19:42:05
just looking at the posts about can't wait to be sold and Mr Mandaric has taken us as far as he can.
Are you Wednesday supporters or not?
The man saved us from going under sure we ain't going to pull up trees but for now let's build on last season consolidate a bit and start being a little realistic.
Im sure there will be some movement and investment in the playing staff there always is!
Get behind who ever puts the blue and white on and encourage each other as supporters the good times will come back to S6 stop being disheartened we are a damn sight better off than last season!
Mexborough OWL.

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Because Davies has experience at higher levels. He might be old t#but that doesn't mean that he's not a goal poacher. O'Grady has experience playing for smaller clubs like the people of Barnsley

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No. He's old we don't need him

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Kevin Davies is 36 years old god damn are we trying to form a geriatric society

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So is steve howard and he scored one of our most vital goals of the season.

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One of our most important goals


and the only reason we needed him was because in the same period we gave COG to Barnsley who in the same period scored 3 or 4

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Yeah, Howards goal was a critical one for sure.

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Oh, yeah, and we finished above Barnsley.
See the weeds are back in full effect.

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That goal was a fluke and even Barry Corr would have grabbed a goal the way Middlesborough were playing

COG is better than Steve Howard and Kevin Davies

how is this a debate?

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11 Jun 2013 16:29:34
Ipswitch in for Gary madine. milan would like to get money back to sign proven goal scorer.

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11 Jun 2013 17:14:38
Just listened to Milan on local radio says that there's going to be no major investment in team until January and then see we're there are in league he must be joking why do it when it's too late, all this when everybody got season ticket money paid, the wednesday of old coming back again Mr. C

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Totally agree ^ why now when everyone got season tickets, it's wrong, it will be too late, I agree we shouldn't get in loads of players like last season but we should start the season with at least 3 quality players, something for the fans to get excited about & to give us a good start!

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We losing 5 million a year.

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Cant wait for him to sell us to be honest.
Taken us as far as he can

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Look what happened last season though

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Also why is the likes of prutton, coke, liera, bywater taking there time signing these contracts when we are waiting to see who to get in if they don't, seems too much one way and not much commitment Mr. C

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Losing 5 million a year is all smoke screen, all that means is the club assets are being reduced. If a player worth a million and signs a 4 year contract accounts represent a million pound asset, with one year to go and he still the same standard player, accounts show asset value at 250k. If you can explain any other way the club can be losing that amount of money with no debts, low wage bill and better attendance than some prem clubs be interested to see where the money going

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Just listen to what Milan said we are looking for goal scorer before start of season midfiled and defence players. If at Christmas we are in challenging place he will look at further investment. Makes good sense to anyone with a brain.

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Milan Mandric has finally said it. Now who can blame me, criticise me and calling me names, unfortunately, when I express my honest opinion, reflecting from last season experience, when I say;


Milan Mandric has now said it loud and clear that no good additions will be considered until January transfer window and when we will know where we are by then. And to those who differed with me, some disrespectfully, I want to hear from you honestly and truthfully if you are real owls who care about our club's future. MM has said it openly and I want to know your say too. Please Ed urge them to reply.
I remain! {Ed003's Note - I urge you to reply posters}

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You put no decent signings this season January isn't next season but in some ways I do agree

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Milan got us out of Debt and got us to Championship, we made money last season and he's holding it back because of what he put in, all be it nothing on transfers but on clearing debt as we no, he must be inviteing investors to buy club because if he doesn't invest in players before january it mite be two late to sell, if we are in good position come january he will not sell and put money in for transfers to get to prem for him to make more money, its obvious, mjr

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Dear NO DECENT SIGNINGS MM said we are lookin for striker, midfielder an defender BEFORE season, AND THEN invest again in janusry dependin where we stand. So how do you know that the striker, midfielder, an defender WONT be decent? please print this ed

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Could this be trigger? He did disguise himself as a leeds fan most of last season remember.

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Thanx ed

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I am a Wednesday fan heart and sole. somebody is saying Leeds fan, is this a joke? By the way I never wrote anything last year either. It seems some people when one disagrees with their opinion they accuse them anything just not to conflict with their points of view. Let us have free talks without accusations please and focus on what it matters to our club.
Ed advise the other poster (s) please, thanks. {Ed003's Note - I would like to advise the posters}

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All I can say is lol. No decent signing dude bites.

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Milan wants to sell the club. Why put money in at this time? I think he reckons he's sold it by January therefor new investors will be buying new signings. Free transfers and loans are the way to go.

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Lets have a debate, the comments you have made are the ramblings of a lunatic. From earlier posts you do not have a handle on what is happening and comments are far from balanced. Your hearing is selective and judgement way off so what do you expect. let's go through a few of your belters.
No decent signings again this season.
Well last season we signed Gardner, Kirkland and Antonio. 3 players who would strehgthen the vast majority of sides in Championship. Verdict on comment just daft.
No money for transfers. Since Milan has been at club we have brought in quite a few players on sizable transfer fees. Reda, Madine, are still around others brought in were not as succesful and have been moved on. So money has been spent. He spent 700,000 on Antonio last year and understand it was near 900,000 when Maguire and Taylor added.
Splash out on players and go for it immediately. Building a team slowly gives far more stability long term than a quick fix, so approach adopted is correct one. Infrastructure for Academy and reserves needs to be in place this is a fundamental building block for any club. You start with foundation when building anything, we did not have one.
Loans are a part of all clubs squads these days all succesful teams outside of premiership use loan market wisely. Wednesday had nightmare record with them since Milan came we have brought in some excellent players on loan who have boosted side. Their contribution have far outweighed couple of notable failures.
Many other mindless lines in posts but will deal with "NO DECENT" comment. Milan clearly said we need goalscorer and that was what we were looking for and aim is to have that in place before start of season. Perhaps you would like to give a realistic view of what a decent signing would be in your opinion. You keep producing the same line repeatedly and when you have offered detail it has either been inaccurate (e. g. Palmer comment) or fanciful I would expect realistic option (s) not one which requires a multi million pound deal as this would unstabilise club. Hence if you are a fan can you at least offer more reasoned argument than the previous garbage you have produced.

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NOEL DECENT is kinda clueless. Could he be Trigger in disguise?

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Nice one, very elegantly an rationally put. the guy is a joke. the Liam palmer quote he made was a classic. unless he meant Carlton!

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Keep your inappropriate words to yourself Mr clever and be respectful to others' views without calling silly names. I do not do or use your language if a good debate continues.
Have you listened to the boss (MM) more on radio Sheffield this morning? then read what he said:

[I (MM) have spent all my time looking after the club (sheffield wednesday) and it has taken me away from my other business and my family and I need to look after other business and be with the family etc etc. ]

Have you got it? Give me your intelligent analysis what this means please?
And to other respectful fans I would like to hear from you. It is simply the man has had enough and he wants his money back. Does that bring past memories? That's why he is not investing any more and keeping the extra income to himself. After all it is his business and we are just fans who wants the very best for our club, and also appreciate what he did to save us. That's how business works; when you are an owner or a major share holder of a business you want your money as soon as possible from the extra income you generate (increase attendance/tickets sale, TV, sponsorship, merchandise etc). But we are the fans who pay most for that only to see our club succeeds and competes better. It is obvious we are concerned when we know now for sure there is NO DECENT SIGNINGS THIS SEASON

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Excellent post above. Really enjoyed reading someone put forward a reasoned argument for once instead of making up some unsunstantiated comment. Nice one.

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Macabe. corry, maguire along with future superstar AYO. 4 young men here hardly played last year get behind em the future is bright stop moaning get behind your team. milan is not spending so what blue and white stripes is our colour not dirty money.

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I will respond to your response and try to explain how I see it. Firstly you do not have to be clever to see the above just use common sense.
Firstly I agree that MM would like his investment back any sensible person would. For him to get his money back the only guaranteed way is for us to be promoted to Premiership. Hence he has every intention of getting us there. The loss of £5 million a year is common place for most Championship clubs if they have ordinary season. He knows that on entry into Premiership we would instantly be making money and with support would be a much sought after commodity. Income automatically rises by about £60 million on promotion and with Wednesday being bigger than the average club it would be greater than this for us. He has employed DJ to put infrastructure around the club which would make it a viable proposition in Premiership and more attractive to potential investors.
His words were intended to show his commitment to club, he has spent many weeks away from home and family, this is not easy for anyone. If he just wanted the money he would have accepted Wonga sponsorship he refused which shows he cares about image and long term viability of club.
The point he makes about investment in current season is we will invest before commencement of season with a key player in defence midfield and attack joining us. Stressing we need more goals and this is priority. He then went on to say if we are going well at Xmas he will make further funds available to give us that extra push. He said something similar at start of last year. This shows he understands league and football, many clubs get off to a flyer then fall away. He knows if you are going ok that is the time to invest and go forward. I suspect we will improve this season I do not know by how much but in next 2 or 3 years we will be promoted and we will stay in Premiership as all of the building blocks will be in place. Like all fans I would like success instantly but realise we had fallen on hard times and you can not remedy over this night.
For the record I regard the use of capital letters and demeanour of your mails I regard as offensive.

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Think No Decent is one of the Wednesdayite clowns who almost saw us go out of business. If he thinks you can compete without a benefactor he is not in real world.

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12 Jun 2013 22:46:11
Excellent come back, again I enjoyed your comment. The no decent signings poster seems to be very selective in which bits of info he uses from the MM interview. Good to read well reasoned and well written posts, keep up the good work.

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To the lengthy post, the one prior to the above one, thank you and I accept your comments. Let us hope you are right and MM knows what he is doing! Just his intreviews recently are not so encouraging. No matter what, we'll all pull together to support our club. Cheers mate

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I think if you fell into a bucket of t*t's you would come out sucking your thumb.
Miserable sod.

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11 Jun 2013 12:32:05
sean st ledger will sign this week

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11 Jun 2013 14:08:30
great to see that Buxton turned down an offer from Forest before resigning --- claims he wants to be in the play-offs at least -- that's positive thinking for you!

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Dont think so he's off to DERBY COUNTY.

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No he definitely signed a new contract with us. Lol

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He's just signed anew contract til 2015 you mad head and turned forest down so how do you work out that he's guna derby eh

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Buxton is stayin whith the mighty owls as he doesn't want to play for forest or derby and he is settled in Sheffield and he's Wednesday threw and threw so all the people saying he's going to outher clubs it's just pure bull

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Think he might be on about st ledger

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St Ledger currently in New York and then going on holiday has been widely reported. So when would he fit in medical if he was to sign this week. let's try and make things believable.

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Yeah, an out of work footballer sorting out a new job rather than going on holiday is totally unbelievable.

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Not exactly going to be signing on the dole is he! He will have offers on the table!

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Lol yes I am on about st ledger, so keep buxton in your pocket same as I have, uto, he going DERBY

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Oh no he isnt! He signed a new contract remember ha ha wake up.

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There's so many persons on here. He was quite clearly on about St Ledger and everyone thinks he's on about Buxton. Even after he clarified this, one more fool chipped his two cents in.

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