Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive June 11 2012


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11 Jun 2012 21:28:44
Swfc are interested in Colchester skipper Magnus Okuonghae also the likes of Blackburn, burnley, Celtic and many of championship clubs trying to get the signature of the 26 year old. Source sky sports

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Magnus is a gigantic bloke and a defensive commander, not sure if he'll manage to step up to the championship though

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Or a blade

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11 Jun 2012 12:52:17
Coppinger to SWFC in a swap deal for Mike Jones. Source from a DRFC player, deal done in the next few weeks.

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Id deffo take it but seriously doubt its an arrangement

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This rumour was in Doncaster Free Paper two weeks ago. It also mentioned Ryan Lowe as a possible player in exchange.
Coppinger proven Championship winner and although 31yro think would still command higher fee than Jones.

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Coppinger is a top earner there and DRFC money problems are bad, only got 13 contracted players so trying to lower their wage bill, the DRFC player it came from was asked to take a wage cut himself

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Lowe is staying at hillsborough to see how he goes in cship and gardner to be signed some time this week

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Swap deals almost NEVER come off

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11 Jun 2012 12:33:41
Just been on radio sheff that DJ has SIX players lined up & one will be signed shortly & a few owls players wil be leaving!!

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Gardner is the player that will sign shortly.

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Gardner not happening, unless he divorces his Mrs, she don't wanna move back up North.

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His missus is ill ?

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11 Jun 2012 11:07:47
Gary roberts to sign towards the end of the week assuming he passes his medical. A contract was offered to him before he went on holiday.

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Roberts and Rhodes done deal. Just watch.

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To put this rumour in perspective we are apparently battling Rochdale for his signature. Think it shows how highly his talents are rated when a League 2 team have approached him!

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Will everybody please give it up about rhodes. its so stupid its not a rumour!

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No battle involved hes signing for us ! He ws released because he refused a new contract with huddersfield

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More chance of the Queen coming in as goalkeeper coach than Jordan Rhodes signing for Wednesday this season. (get a grip and keep it realistic)

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MK Dons also after him

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11 Jun 2012 00:34:50
signing kevin mcdonald and lee williamson from blunts

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Put your specs on - we're interested in McDonald , it's Barnsley who linked with Williamson !
But both may stay with Blunts yet ??

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We are interested in neither, this is rumour put about by someone to deflect interest away rm real targets. DJ says interested in players proven at Championship level. McDonald failed at this level.

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Like how u waited till 00:34 to put this info on lol

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Willo gonna barnsley mcdonald to us, decent to be honest

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Neither will be at united come start of the season they,v got to bring there wage bill down significantly or face points being deducted.

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McDonald would be a class signing, their best player this season excluding the man now serving time at her majesty's pleasure...

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Why is everyone buzzing that we might get mcdonald he is crap at championship level we should go for better

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He scored in the Premiership at City so he cant be dreadful and what ive seen of him he's a very good players

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Yeah thats why all prem and championship teams are trying to sign him he is that good LOL

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