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11 Jul 2013 22:01:40
Have we officially signed Rafael Floro? Personally I think this is a good signing if true

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You seen him play before then

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Yeah a couple of times and thought he was good and dave jones rates him

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He's been signed up for the development squad for now.

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Dev player signed at owls in park

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11 Jul 2013 21:21:50
Sheffield Wednesday and millwall interested in free agent Richard chap low

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Would be a very good signing. Still in desperate need of a striker

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He was only released yesterday, so how do you know we're interasted. Bit quick m8

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11 Jul 2013 16:55:13
Don't shoot the messenger. but we are rumoured to be thinking about offering a contract to Titus Bramble. He has been asked to join up with the squad tomorrow and might play against Scunthorpe at the weekend.

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Please no

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Well as a premiership CH I think he is poor but in the championship he might be ok

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He is woeful.

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In the championship he would be more than ok. Sign him.

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One of worst Players I have ever seen in prem he's robbed a living played with better players Sunday league on par with Martin Taylor

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It's at the other end of the park we are desperate - where are the goals coming from?

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A couple of seasons back he was there top goal scorer from CB unfortunately in his own net? Don't want that s**t

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One of the worst Cb I've ever seen since Emmanuel EBoue.

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This guy is an ongoing joke between a few friends he is by far the worse and clumsiest defender I have ever seen, please don't let this rumour be true

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Eboue was a right back you plonker!

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Eboue was a RB rm not cb

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Good job eboue plays right back and right wing then isn't it?

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I very much doubt it, he's training with West Ham.

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So, we are thinking about a rumour, that's a bit like deffinatly might consider thinking about it maybe. ;-)

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11 Jul 2013 15:09:04
Apparently we're in for Franco Di Santo, who is available on a free. We've put an offer on the table, but others are interested. But here's the real rumour - the reason for no transfer activity is because a takeover might be imminent - reported by Alan Biggs in the Sheffield Telegraph. So maybe something big is in the pipeline.
For those interested look on his Twitter timeline for the article

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Lets just wait and see uto for life whatever happens :)

that would make sense for little transfer activity but mehh weirder things have happends in past in relation to lack of signings uto xxxx

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I checked Alan Biggs Twitter line and he says nothing imminent. The only way Mandaric will sell the club and get investment back is for us to be in Premiership or look a credible force to get in their.
Having said that there is clearly someone hovering and from DJ comment he was to speak to MM this week to get green light for deals. So adopting eal hands on approach. Not certain when MM was due in it was either Wednesday or Thursday. I suspect it will be 2 days afterwards any action will occur as contracts signed medicals passed etc.

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All a load of horse poo

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Some Italian guy living in UK by name of Lorenzo Moresco says has info on takeover and will post on Owlstalk at 7pm tonight.
If he is stringing us along I would like all the miseries to go and follow him on Twitter and plague him until cows come home.

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No takeover but we have overtaken the blades.

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Alan Biggs is one of the biggest Wednesday haters I know! Just listen next time he does a report and see the spitting of blood if we're winning. I would NEVER trust anything he says about the massive!

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11 Jul 2013 00:23:11
lita to s6 deal completed for scunny game

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I heard a rumour that ex wigan & chelsea striker franco di santo is on Jones radar. But very unlikely due to wages surely

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Looking like a striker from Spurs in coming on a season long loan & and CB is currently undergoing medical, this is an out of contract player who has just left Reading! Also deal done for flexible defensive midfielder we bought from Yeovil! No names for obvious reasons, make of it what you will.

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Alex Pearce?

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Harry Kane?

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Ed Upson?

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Seems strange seen as though anyone that was real eased by Reading have either been signed by other teams or are not central defenders - the rest is just vague nonsense. At least when people lie on here they mainly make outrageous lies up (Beckham is having a medical now at Middlewood. etc). Please try harder next time! {Ed001's Note - Alex Pearce signed a new contract with Reading, just saw a previous reply so thought I had best clear that one up.}

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Doe anyone know how maghoma is as he went over on his ankle and had to be stretchered off but not heard anything about it

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Alex pearce signed a new contract before drenthe signed for them so defo not him

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Simon dawkins?

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10 Jul 2013 23:37:59
Heard we are looking at Steve Howard more closely now and monitoring him more closely as Kevin Davies has joined Preston.

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Im sorry but Davis, Flecher, Howard, what about Hesley, please this is not a dream oh thank you my man Bothroyd save me lol

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I hope not he wasn't good enough to get in the Hartlepool team and they got relegated so god knows why DJ would think he's the right man for us, there's much better Strikers available.

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Believe me I'd ont want Howard as much as the rest but I think Hartlepool didn't play Howard because they needed to get rid of him because of wages or he wanted to leave?

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Because he's a work horse similar to o Grady and he can help madine out

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Howard played well for us last season, if grounds cut up rough again would be useful. To take him on in player coach capacity would be useful as he knows how to win free kicks and hold ball up. He is fitter than Davies so would prefer him to Davies.

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He would be coming as a player/coach with more emphasis on the coaching side but him still being registered as a player in case we need him. Apparently he ran some coaching sessions with the academy when he was with us and impressed then so they want to take him on.

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Would it be such a bad thing to have the influence of an experienced striker who can shake things up a bit? Howard played well on loan and like him or not we were a lot less lightweight up front with him on board. He may not play 90 minutes week after week but he will keep younger strikers on their toes.

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Steve howard isn't the man we need did wel last season but I would rather have COG then howard but his gone now, please don't bring in worse players than we are getting rid of

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To be fair Madine needs to start helping himself, otherwise he will waste his potential and will only have himself to blame. We can see the player in him, but he needs to start producing.

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That is very true.

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