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11 Jul 2012 22:19:14
@ReadingFC__News: #SWFC have finally come back to #readingfc with the double your money offer Nick Hammond asked for (£700k). Antonio is keen on the move.

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Like most people I said Getting is antonio is probably one of the most important signing this year. Disappointed to hear on radio Sheffield this morn rumours about him close to signing is rubbish.

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He will be at Burnley or Huddersfield who have offered more money

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Sorry to rub it in Trigger, but Antonio doesn't want a move away from Reading to Burnley, Huddersfield ... he only wants to play for the Mighty Owls !

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In todays sun its states Wednesday would be a prime investment for overseas billionaires with its history,fan base,ground and financial standing. The blades also got a mention but I believe it was more of a potential investment site by the council for a landfill site.

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Why Oh Why, would the Council want to waste taxpayers money filling in Bumhole Lane? In these hard and testing financial times, those jokers at S2 are the only thing that keeps me laughing. UTO

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Ground? no

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He'll go to who offers the most money

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Not a lot of room left at lane its already full of rubbish

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11 Jul 2012 17:39:47
#swfc close to signing Michail Antonio for fee of around 750k. Also trying to sign Jay Bothroyd and DJ Campbell on season loans -- John Percy (@John__Percy)

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Antonio maybe but bothroyd ?? I would like to see it but doubt it very much

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Be happy with Antonio and Bothroyd not so fussed about DJ....John Percy is usually spot on.

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I think DJ Campbell would be a very good signing, proven goal scorer.

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How can anyone disagree its Fact!

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John Percy never gets it right, certainly not this transfer market anyway. The journos are getting rumours confused with reality. They are specualting as both players probably sit below Bobby Zamora and Andy Johnson in the pecking order at QPR and could be available for a loan. DJ doesn't let journos know who he is looking at,FACT!!!!!

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Why do people say doubt it about players coming to wednesday weve got every chance of signin bothroyd we are MASSIVE

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John Percy hardly gets any wrong much more reliable than rob staton!

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Not what ive heard

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If its true I would take DJ over Boothroyd all day long he is mobile with a decent scoring record and at Champioship level will be a real asset.Boothroyd I have stated before is lazy and vastly overated and over paid we cannot afford to carry players like him,thats my opinion others might think different

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John Percy's main contact was Gary Megson so not as reliable as he used to be.

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Personally dont belive a word dj says, in his interview last week said we used to be a good team but players were from all over with no local talent hinting he was looking for locals or at least english in te next week signs 2 foreigners, he definately tries to cover everything with a smoke screen, not that its a bad thing keeps competition in dark as well

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Negative comments on this thread are courtesy of trigger.

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You don't need to believe him, you just need to believe in him.

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11 Jul 2012 16:42:50
Steven Jennings on trial with Coventry so looking like someone we are no longer interested in

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11 Jul 2012 15:27:16
We will finalize the signing of Ben Pringle tomorrow as he has passed his medical today - Adam 'DJ' Milner

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Ben Pringle? The Ben Pringle that hasn't featured for Rotherham since February?

What are you? A Blunt?

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11 Jul 2012 14:34:13
any news on antonio ??

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Yep, he's still is a reading player.

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Talking to several clubs

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Probably going to Burnley or huddersfield

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He is human

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Just be patient. I'm sure he will sign for us, assuming Reading release him and considering the competition it becomes a bit of a no brainer really.

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Competition are offering more money and I'm afraid thats what modern footballers are chasing

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Long term or short term?

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11 Jul 2012 12:42:23
We have had a bid for Mohsni rejected and are due to make a second bid in the next 24 hours

Mohsni, who has spent two seasons with the Shrimpers, making 71 appearances, has missed the start of the club’s pre-season training. Mohsni has been allowed to come back into the first-team squad “a bit later” because of a family wedding in France.

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Dave Jones rubbished this rumour on BBC Radio Sheffield the other day, look on Twitter. Paul Walker has said it, Rob Staton has and the only pr@t who has said said it is true is Dom Howson and he works for The Sheffield Star football page! and we all know who much s**te they spout to catch our interest just so we buy the paper!

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Dom Howson was the first with the Amado signing tho !

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11 Jul 2012 12:39:55
Interesting information on Amado being recommended -

22-year-old Amado has penned a two-year deal at Hillsborough, subject to international clearance, having been recommended by current Owls player Jose Semedo, who knows Amado from his former club, Sporting Lisbon.

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SWFC are close to signing Antonio for £750k. DJ also trying for DJ Campbell & Jay Bothroyd on season long loans

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11 Jul 2012 11:01:05
Credit to Wednesday fans if you go on other clubs sites on here they are constantly slating the previous manager and his signings.Not one negative comment on Gary Megson on here not that he deserved it but events since he left could have made people have short memories.I wish Gary well in the future and again credit to the fans.

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Well said !!
Can't deny Dave Jones influence in very short time , but practically ALL the players that won promotion were brought to the club by Gary Megson - who spent very little in the process because , understandably, MM's mind was elsewhere at the time.
We were in play-off positions when he left us so WE ALL should be grateful for him getting us back on the road to success - WELL DONE GARY MEGSON - a place in OWLS history along with his dad!

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Meggoo should be made an honoury member of the club for what he did. Cleared out the rubbish and attitudes and brought in passion, something several predecessors failed to do!

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I agree, but he also took as far as he could.

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Megson did a great job for us in a short space of time but his way of football is in the 80's not modern enough for today's times

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11 Jul 2012 08:23:16
Whats happening with mark reynolds?

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He's going hopefully

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The French lad from southend is demanding a move now that Wednesday are in for him and hence the reason he not started training. The family wedding story is a smoke screen. Sturrock wants rid as he is too disruptive. Expect him at S6 before weeks out. Antonio deal is still being thrashed out behind the scenes. Ranger will be a loan move only and Norris will put pen to paper this week. Reynolds has been offered in part of the deal to bring the winger in from motherwell.

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How can you say that, we havent really seen him play,

he was stuck in a bad team when he started, Darren purse next to him, anyone would of been awful. Give the lad a chance, he had a brilliant name when we signed him, stop giving up on every player.

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Hopefully he comes back up to aberdeen

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10 Jul 2012 20:05:13
Ed, Chris Humphrey (Motherwell) have you heard anything more concrete and does this mean we've given up on Antonio and Treacy {Ed032's Note - Still in pursuit of Antonio and Treacy. Chris Humphrey low on Dave Jones' priorities. More likely to see Steven Jennings of Motherwell at Hillsborough next year}

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Is Steve Jennings another one with a dodgy disciplinary record ? Or is that just gossip ?

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Humphrey decidely ordinary, thought Dundee winger Michael-Seteven was higher on list. The rumour re Jennings circulated in Scotland over a month ago see BBC scots gossip. But he was well down pecking list. Thought Bayern winger Jennings was more fancied.

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Personally I hope we bring this guy in. Nothing like extreme pace to scare the ***t out of defenders. Could easily see him providing the ammo for the front men.

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The only way Antonio will be here is if he accepts less money that other clubs are offering

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Hi guys just wanted to let you know that the lads went back training yesterday according to Gary madines twitter page. And Gary madine said on his twitter page how happy and privileged he is to have the number 9 shirt this seoson. Also can confirm semedo will stay number 6 Maguire is number 10 jj is number 11 o'Grady is number 12 rob jones is number 5 beavers is number 13 and Ryan Lowe is number 14 that's all a know guys and please trust me this is true. UTO

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Can you confirm the goalkeeper is number 1?

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Number 2 is Roland Nilson and number 3 is Roland Nilson. UTO

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