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11 Jan 2013 12:22:59
We are set to sign former Hull and Bristol City goalkeeper Adriano Basso on a free transfer until the end of the season.

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Why????????? Would we

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We don't need a keeper!

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Why a keeper

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What a pointless signing haha! Kirkland, bywater, Davies, Jameson and weaver and then Cameron Dawson playin well in the academy, make up a believable rumour

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Why are we signing a goalkeeper ?? we don't need one, this is not negative thinking believe me. We need a striker and a midfield player who can control midfield - a playmaker, also someone to lead our younger players in defence. We have some decent players who just need some experience along side them - the last thing we need is another goalkeeper - we are pennypinching and sign a keeper. We are pussyfooting about again too little too late again- and to the people who ARE going to dissagree please tell me why you think we need another keeper. - a very fustrated eric the owl but still open minded for the future and hopes of improvement, MM and DJ you can do it so lets do it. Blue till I die UTO forever eric the owl and if the negs don't see the passion here sorry for you ALWAYS A BLUE eric the owl

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Do we have any young players in defence?
Taylor gardener llera buxton all 30 plus

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We need a new spine. Although Gardner has been doing ok of late, I still think we need another solid CB. Also, someone to sit in the middle alongside McCabe/Semedo, someone with a touch of class (Emmanuel-Thomas? Rumours) would be a good fit, and also a good out and out goalscorer, e.g. Earnshaw if the rumours are true, I doubt they are but this is my belief if we are to get ourselves out of this rut, it's getting desperate now, DJ needs to pull his finger out, no more 'has beens' either please. UTO

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DJ will put the keeper at right back

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T the person who put all our defenders are 30 plus mattock is early 20s as is lee reda D jones and Buxton is not thirty so yeah

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Well said mate

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We offered Taylor Mckenzie a contract in November this season, he's and upcoming centre half, probably use him later this season or next

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One good cm and a proper striker and we'd be ok.
For the sake of spending a bit of money it seems are might go down.
Two good players could completely lift the team and this is what is frustrating because we don't need to spend massively.
The basis of a good team is already there now with reda back and helan in midfield.
Lets not go back to league one for the sake of spending a bit of your money MM.You can't take it with you.

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There will be no decent sighnings mm is the clubs throat will his tight fisted self league one here we come and he won't back whoeversv in charge then either he might as well change the clubs name to profit FC

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But we didn't make a profit and margins will be even less if we go down. That would be a misnomer.

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Monster result. Great spirit. Excellent tactics. Credit to DJ. Let's hope it shuts the moaners up for a while ... no problem with different opinions but the constant negativeness brings everyone down. UTO

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11 Jan 2013 12:09:05
Ross the boss barkley signed for leeds on loan so no chance of coming back to swfc. Swfc looking at ipswich player jay emmanuel thomas on loan till end of season

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Ive heard this but not on loan - its a perm deal, not seen a lot of him so don't know what he's like but he came through the Arsenal youth system so i would have thought he was decent.

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Jay Emmanuel Thomas would be a brilliant signing! Great player

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Would a great signing bags of potential needs to add work rate to his game though can't see him coming to is though with our budget

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So much for the great relationship DJ has with Everton!

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Whats all the fuss about not getting Ross Barkley? Yes he's a excellent player but at the moment we need an experienced head in the middle of the park a leader to get us out of this mess not another youngster UTO

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Barkley is pure hype. He goes hiding in games when the going gets tough and is the last thing we need anyway. When someone is touted as a future England international or hype surrounds them people automatically filter out the poor elements of their game when watching them. Two quality signings and we will be competitive in every game at this level. Yes Burnley performance was awful but that aside they haven't been as bad as has been made out. UTFO!

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