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11 Jan 2012 22:27:54
The Ben Marshall story (the "rumoured" facts from Stoke!) - Ben is refusing a new contract at Stoke cos he wants to sign for the Owls.
But Owls won't match the offers that Stoke already have on the table for him because we know he wants to come and play for Owls.
Stoke are refusing to let him come here on cheap and have told him either - 1.- Sign new contract and come back to Owls on loan, .2.- Sign for one of clubs that have made acceptable offers, .3.- If Owls match other offers he can come, or .4.- They'll stick him in reserves till his contracts up , and they are prepared to do that rather than be held to ransom by Wednesday ?

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Load of crap

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First plausible rumour Iv heard about Marshall. He's worth and he would still be a massive asset in the Championship. UTO

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Rumoured facts he he

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This sounds a bit too Eastenders to me chap

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Not true the hold up is with marshall and stoke reguarding his contract.

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Update from original poster - MM has confirmed today (see BBC) that we are likely to sign Marshall on permanent deal IF we can agree with Stoke? What's to agree ??
To the one who posted "not true, its about his contract" - DID YOU READ IT? that's what my WHOLE POST is about ?
All I would say in response to MM is why don't we just pay the asking price instead of pi**ing Stoke off ? He's worth more than they're asking anyway - just do the deal PLEASE !!

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11 Jan 2012 18:14:43
Just seen mention of a possible move for Matt Ritchie from swindon on twitter. Just thought i'd mention it (as a rumour) but 6 goals in 17 for a left winger he may be worth a punt?

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Worth a punt

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Never mind his goals, check out the quality crossing, would be our best crosser since Brunty,have been going on about this lad all season, realy hope there's some truth in this one.

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Where does it say this. Although like you say would be a great signing for us hes fast, skilful, got a great cross and shot under his belt along with nit being affraied to shoot as his goals show. Would be great for as he also works hard for the team

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Di canio slapped a 2 million quid price tag on him in mid November as a few championship clubs were enquiring so I don't wreckon there's any chance well fork out that much!

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11 Jan 2012 17:14:33
Mark Beevers linked with Chesterfield AND Colchester. I think the latter is a better career move and more realistic than Chesterfield who, with the greatest of respect, are probably gonna be league 2 club next season.
Source: Alan Biggs (twitter)

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Think if he goes it'd be a loan to keep him fit now we dont have a reserve team

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11 Jan 2012 14:19:29
Wednesday set to sign newcastle starlet Shane ferguson on loan till end of season, this lads got pace can play left back but even better on left wing!!!

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Ben Marshall coming tomorrow for 600,000 Mr Mandric to splash out to secure promotion!!

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Three million pounds to be spent to ensure promotion. More money next year to hopefully secure premiership return in two seasons

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Everybody hopes you're right - but I'll only believe it when I see the wallet opened and the contracts signed !!

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Why are you so certain Marshall is gonna sign tomorrow ?.

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I find the individuals who doubt Mandarics commitment to the club quite remarkable. Do they not realise how much has been invested. The following have all been signed, Madine, R Johnson, Lines, O'Grady, Lowe, Bywater, R Jones, Llera, Prutton plus a number of loan signings. These will have all cost money and we are still looking and he has gone on record saying another 5m will be shelled out before end of year. If Marshall is sold for 600,000 he will come to Hillsbrough but we still need another winger.

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Wishful thinking

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Got a gut feeling on the Marshall situation I mean why else would he be stalling on a new deal at Stoke, have heard the rumours of Leicester sniffing though but it was a small bit in the Daily Star so not convinced its true.

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YES he is on record as saying "he will invest 5m on team" - let's see how much of that he's ACTUALLY spent at the end of January? Yes he's spent a lot of money "on the SWFC business ", which we are ALL eternally grateful for, BUT he can recoup all that, with profit, at any time of his choosing. The problem fans like me have is we can see the finish line , and we can get over the line with just 1or2 key players coming in? - IF MM funds them, as he's promised to. But instead there's a lot of negative noises from the people at Hills. particularly about Aldridge " the man who actually does the deals" ? beginning to think he's a Charlton supporter - or even worse a Blade.

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Theres still a long time left in this transfer window so wait and see who we sign first before criticizing people

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Yeah he can recoup the debts that he paid off for us already. im sure the banks would let him do that. lets remember hes bin here a year and easy shelled out 10m plus already. the difference thats made is immense so stop your wingin and get behind everything that is the wednesday. uto

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Someone from leicester has said there is nothing in the papers or no news linkning them with marshall!

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Well I'm sold if its coming from "someone in Leicester".

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11 Jan 2012 12:54:54
Been told a rumour that Leicester are apparently in talks with Stoke for a permanent deal with Marshall. If this happens though, apparently, we will take Lloyd Dyer on loan until the end of the season. No idea how true it is, but this is a rumours site after all!

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That would be a disaster tavernier gone back aswell

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11 Jan 2012 11:53:08
Emile Hesky has been linked with a move to Sheffield Wednesday and leicester, with a sum of 400k a likely fee as Aston Villa look to make way for younger forwards to establish themselves in the first team.

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Hope not. He just lays on the floor and rolls around.

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We are not looking for a striker and certain we will not be paying wages of a player such as Heskey when he has been prone to injury and his legs having gone. Agent speculation trying to drum up business.

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He's sh1t

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Hes got the skills to pay the bills

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Megson said today we never even looked at signing Heskey

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Pray we sign him hes got SWEATY GOALS

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11 Jan 2012 08:18:47
You are to sign alex nimley from us this transfer window im telling you this cus this lad is going to be a world beater, don't think your keeping hold of him cus you could,t afford him...he will get you promoted, you maybe do a man city n get back were you belong, good luck Deano mcfc...

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This lad is a striker and we are well covered in that position. Also had 3 months earlier in season at Middlesbrough and basically was a flop at championship level. So would be surprised if he is joining us.

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No we aint he joined Coventry today

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11 Jan 2012 02:09:22
Heard someting about a free transfer for a player called dolo zenden??

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Never heard of HIM.

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Do u mean bolo zenden

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Do you mean bolo zenden?

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No Bolo the guerrilla from The Mighty Boosh.

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Def NOT interested! - he's been trying to get a game "anywhere" for last 12months so work it out ?

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