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11 Dec 2012 20:57:44
Why has the club gone so negative!? even the megastore adverts have gone all weird looking. Why's five blokes standing looking at each other in the owls coats on our front page!? I'd rather see Wim Jonk with a "best signing ever" sign on his chest. I mean come on wednesday, grow some balls, win games and be proud to wear the blue and white. Seems everything has gone downhill!? Let's bring Waddle in! Bit of passion and fight!! I'm not trying to be a moaning fan but I can't take another 28 years of expecting!! Ps...why is taylor our captain!?? What does he know about wednesday!??

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(1 of the Wise Olds) - I think most people would say the results have driven the negativity .
But I would argue theres a good case for saying the opposite .
When Megson took over he instilled a sense of pride about the club in everybody associated with it once again.
All the players were taken up to the back of the kop so that they appreciated the size of the place and what a big club they were playing for.
The HOME results started to improve and we put an unbeaten home run together which was the foundation for the promotion run, and the positivity drove the results.
He was a "CAN-DO" manager who hardly ever said anything negative about anything to do with the club or players.
Contrast that with the Jones method of slagging off fans, players, referees, in fact anything that moves and you can see why I say it is the negativity that has driven us down .
Now the whole mood around the club is depressed, and I'm not being personal when I say Dave Jones is a depressing personality !
By his own admission he says he doesn't get excited about success or failure ? - as if thats a quality to be admired ?
I would much prefer the manager of Sheffield Wednesday to be throwing things about when we're losing, and throwing his arms around players when we're winning at least we would know it was as important to him as it is to us !
I get the impression that DJ couldn't really give a fig and hes happy to fall back on another 2yrs gardening leave on 20-30k a week or whatever hes on, while we're left with the mess hes managed to create in just a matter of weeks - what a star !

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Many things have gone against wednesday this season
1 Terry burton leaving
2 The hillsborough disaster enquiry like it or not has not put the club and its history in a good position
3 leeds fan attack on kirkland ( his confidence will be and looks shot at times
4 refs
5 J boothroyd He wrote on twitter to some bird on the day he signed" dont worry its only for 4 months" read in to his attitude from that
6 Martin taylor Need i say more
7 Dave Jones
8 Milan Mandaric - he used to be trigger happy with managers and he is letting us slide HE needs to make the decision on jones
If we stay up this season after all of the above mentioned i will be amazed

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No. It is very simple. Jones is out of his depth and his CV has been exposed as a falsehood. He has achieved absolutely nothing as a manager in the past. That is the sole reason why we've all but imploded. He is not up to the task and has lost the dressing room.

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He wasnt out of his depth at cardiff though he did well for them he keeps saying he hasnt become a bad manager overnight but he has although i dont agree fully that these signings are all his choice
Boothroyd Taylor yes unsure on pecnik lee rodri mcguire mayor evidence is he doesnt play them
i remember we signed a poor nigerian last season under megson plus a serb centre half cant remember either names but def MM signings

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Look back at the press clips, with 3 of the 4 players you named he made a big positive play when they signed , especially Rodri , who he said hed worked really hard to get .
I would concede that Pecnic may well be an MM signing perhaps , but if thats the case hes not a bad player. I saw him pre-season against West Brom and he was as good as a lot of their team, and Clarke put out his first team . Hes certainly a lot better than Bothroyd and Sidibe who are definitely DJs picks.
I have family in Cardiff and a large number of their fans were never convinced, and he left most puzzled with his team selections and tactics so hes brought that with him at least.
I suggest the case for the defence is still flawed , hes useless and hes been exposed .

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At this rate we wont be booing them off we will be booing them on!

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Has MM put a mega bet on us going down? That's the only reason I can see to his reluctance to get rid of the problem we have (i.e. DJ)

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If it was not for MM we would not have a club at all. Booing the team is a joke stay at home and boo the radio than.

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What exactly did Dave Jones achieve at Cardiff then? I stand by my above comment on him being out of his depth and a manager who has achieved nothing.

I know a few Cardiff fans and they think he was, at best, mediocre. He never got them into the top flight and he had a decent bit of financial clout behind him to try and achieve that (relatively speaking).

As for Wolves, I also know a few of them and he isn't revered by the majority at all. So therefore, in my opinion he is a failure. FACT/RUMOUR whatever this board is for.

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Its true and i said this about 2 months ago.
His reputation is bigger than his actual achievements.
If we'd got Mcarthy when it was obvious he was clueless what to do next,it would have been us climbing up the table instead of being dead and buried before christmas.

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Which part do you diagree with?
His rep is bigger than what he has achieved..Yeah that bit is fact.

So it must be the dead and buried part cos Mcarthy has proved that he is a top championship manager,whether people like him or not.

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11 Dec 2012 19:13:55
At the end of the day DJ has done a great job in gaining promotion, but that is from league one. If we want to be the club we can be in the premiership then we need change to do well not a bloke who can muster promotion from league but someone who can sustain a premier league side. Come on MM think about what is best for the clubs future and not what makes you look a bit silly or loses you a pound or two.

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Could be worse we could follow the blunts the last rumour or message on their page was deane should partner agana in attack

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Jones didn't win us promotion, GM and a court case did.

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Rubbish; Jones installed a new found confidence in the players after Megson left and too his awful tactics with him. Jones got it right last season. He started by playing strong attacking football and we got results. This was made easier by us having one of the strongest squads in the division.

However now is the time that Jones has to be held accountable for his actions pre-season. He has had the time and the financial backing to at least put together a squad that should be mid-table by now and has failed. I can't help but think we would have been better off trying to keep the same sqaud that finished the season last year (i.e. got Batth, Treacy in aswell as Antonio, and kept Lowe, Jones). I can't help but feel that the squad we had at the end of last season would have been better placed in the division than we are now, AND showing more fight and determination.

He cut the core of the squad out, and replaced them with lackluster mediocre players like Booothroyd, Corry, Taylor and Pecnik.

Jones; YOUR tactics, YOUR squad, YOUR fault! Times up!

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Im sorry but Pecnik cannot be a bad player, when he has played he's looked decent but he's never been given a run in the side.. i think he is a CF and he has gotta be better than Bothroyd and Sidibe and even Madine... think we should pluck for him and Rodri up top for a few games see how that goes !

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Pecnic is a good enough player to make a significant difference to our team & possibly results. The problem is he has not been given an opportunity to make that difference ?
The reason for that, only one or two people know? There are rumours circulating about who brought him to the club which may have a bearing , but to my mind if hes fit enough and good enough he plays, after all other teams players haave had many opportunities why not our own ?
Pecnic , like Rodri and others(?) must be so frustrated and angry at their treatment but as the fans know - Dave Knows Best !!

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Corry will be a good player but is not ready at this time

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