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11 Aug 2012 18:56:10
Keith Treacy to SWFC now that Burnley have completed signing of Brian Stock.

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So 32 yr old central midfielder will replace 23 yr old left winger. Hmm, not likely

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Pecnic has ruled out the need for Treacy, DJ now looking for tricky winger to complement power pace and passing ability of others

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Me thinks people need to be patient on new signings. DJ and MM know what they are doing let them sort it out. the futures bright the futures blue and white

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We,v got feddel zouhair on trial and from what iv been told hes impressed so were trying to do a deal with him. Left sided centre half played for morroco in olympics and impressed.

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How many more left-sided defenders do we need ? Llera, Beevers, Gardner, Johnson,Jones, Mattock -surely not a seventh !

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What's wrong with left footers? Nobody would bat an eyelid if they were all right footers. It's a non issue.

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Left footed? What u got for eyes soft mints?! It says left sided :-) UTO

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Everybody who has ever played football knows it is really important to have a balance of both left & right footers in the team.

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But because left footed players are a rare breed it doesn't hurt having a few

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Sorry but at the level they are playing at it should not matter whether they are left are right footed ,they should be able to use both feet they may prefer one or the other but that should not prevent them from playing any position at the back that is required.

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11 Aug 2012 18:04:50
Dave Jones is trying to do a deal with Barnsley for Craig Davies...player is interested but asking price is close to £1m. Wednesday trying to offer a player plus cash (could be COG but that's only a guess).

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What a load of tripe,Davies is a average player at best

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Jones is keen to sign koumas if he can prove his fitness as it will balance the team with experience.koumas will also provide the patience to deliver a pass rather than kick and rush. Three players will leave this week those named are coke,weaver and Bennett. New arrivals are still being worked on with Jones keen to inject pace and capitalise on antonios throwing ability.

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Just can not see this.

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I see agent Wilson has started work early!!

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Coke has been given a squad number so doubt he will be leaving

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Craig davies is better than any of our current strikers, I rate him

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Coke has only been given squad number as we are short of central midfielders. Lines and McCabe unavailable leaves Semedo and Amado. Coke left of preseason tour tells yu how highly regarded.

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Davies better than Madine.... I think not!!

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Saying madine is great highlights your ignorance

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Davies is rated at one million so we could offer Madine plus 900 thousand

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Ipswich after Davies so no chance

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I'd be very surprised if we let any of our 'keepers leave (except obvs AJ on loan) - now that we have the resources, we need to keep 3 'keepers at the club at any time, so there's almost no possibility that Jameson would need recalling. If Weaver left, only 1 of Bywater of Kirkland would need to be injured/suspended before AJ was recalled.

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11 Aug 2012 15:59:15
James McFadden in talks with wednesday after being released by Everton

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Hope not he's well past it

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He is going to Blackburn

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Typical Wednesday fan response to rumours about same player:

"Player X has signed" - "Get in he is a right signing"

"Player X is signing for someone else" - "That must mean DJ has a better player lined up, he's past it anyway"

The reality is, there are more attractive options than Sheffield Wednesday when players are looking for a club.

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Oh, bacon-face, just because you can't take penalties, stop coming on here with your tripe.

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Maybe you should read the post you commented on again. Nobody stated they wanted McFadden.
I think your 'past it'.

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I imagine Sheffield United is that destination? I smell bacon... UTO

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Not suprised after losing at home to Burton Albion.

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Could be Leeds fan sucking thumb after takeover fell through.

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Shock news; There are more attractive clubs than one which has only just joined the second teir of the leagues. Back to McFadden, 29yrs is not that old and he is obviously a very good player. If he came to Wed would be very good signing especially since we only have three strikers and three wingers.

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11 Aug 2012 15:40:57
Weaver and Bennett to move to Doncaster next week.

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Weaver's not leaving. If Weaver leaves, then only 1 of Kirkland or Bywater would need to be injured/suspended before Jameson would need recalling from loan. We want to give him first team experience, so we've got to keep the other 3.

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