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10 Sep 2013 14:07:11
we have signed a norwegian player for development squad don't know his name or position. But weds have paid to move him and his family in from norway

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No they have not.

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Oh really! they have just paid 6 months rent for him. nothing has been announced its for development squad don't know if it will be announced or not

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Heard they were interested in Norwegian fr Academy, so this could be him.

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About right we might as well play the devolopment squad as we only get academy players jones out

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He's currently 5 foot 10 but Jones is hoping he'll get at least another 6 inches out of him

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I don't think jones is to blame there is obviously a lack of funds which we will be in loan market for players to be competetive. the team is a little stronger than last year especially if we get lita or sharp. Jones has a very good record of getting young talent as with cardiff. so although we won't be getting in promotion over next couple of seasons in long run if these players are top talent we can get up there without spending millions what else can he do? if we had another manager what could they do different? if you don't have any funds i'd rather have jones and a lot of talent that can be brought through than another manager that spends it all on average first team players and have nothing for future

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Well argued mate. Of course if you don't have the brain cells to think it through, it is much easier just to say "Jones Out"

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Many of those who would wish Jones to be replaced - and I am one - accept that to build for the future is clearly a wise thing to do. It is also true that financial constraints restrict his ability to make quality signings. So far I would agree with the above post. However, there must be concerns about selections, formations and tactical decisions on the pitch. Those criticisms have been made many times by many genuine supporters and cannot be countered simply by the notion that those who express reservations about Jones' management are short of brain cells. Today is the worry, not the future.

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I think DJ has done extremely well in difficult circumstances. The constraints under which he is operating are extremely difficult. The alternatives are much worse. GM would not toe the line and was dismissed, just glad this chap has some tact.

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Not sure why people r getting excited bout signings. We'll make 2. 1 a centre half and the other olifinjana or mcphail!

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I think that the future is the most important thing.
Even if it means remaining in the Championship for a few seasons.

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Its ok saying look2 future but we need to sign players for the 1st team we have got one of the smallest squads in the league I wish he would walk jones but that ain't going2 happen

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I don't want Jones out I think he needs more given to him my only downfall of him he is miles too defensive I can't stand watchin last 25 mins of a game uto

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I was one arguing post. I don't think we have to worry about now I think we will get what we need an stop up with games spare just got to bide our time in championship! agree sometimes selection can be frustrating but I know he knows more about management than me an how they are performing on training pitch. when we played hull last year I thought what's he doing no strikers where not barca an pissed all over hull to be honest. he knows what he's doing an most teams stick with it early to get team settled madines court case not helped gardners injury reda buxton been out he's not really had it easy so far with what he has. its easy to jump on bandwagon but if you really want him out who replaces him? an what can they bring us what jones cant?

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Yeah we have a small squad but if you go to chairman an say I want these players an he says no what else can you do? I think he's spent more of budget in more quality like zayatte, our first 11 won't be cheap.

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10 Sep 2013 09:28:08
I no its old news but roger Johnson will sign before Saturday know gardener is out. Just hered it on radio but only got the back end of it as I was doing school run. Anybody else hered owt

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Butland, Roger Johnson and lita will all sign on loan thursday

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Taylor gone to brentford aswell, cb signing imminent

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Lita won't sign its a load of rubbish

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Why won't Lita sign just because you are sheffield u fan is it. up the owls

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Im actually a wednesday fan but y would he come to us and wev been on about signing him since start of season, wev got jack s*** money wise

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