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10 Oct 2013 09:14:58
I have been told that there is "significant unrest among 6 or 7 senior players at the club" Players that were mentioned were JJ, Antonio, Llera, McCabe, Taylor, Maguire, Prutton and Mattock. Some believe that they are not getting a look in or being made to play out of position. They say that Jones rarely goes to training sessions and only talks to them on match days. This comes from a Sheffield born ex footballer that I have known since he was a lad and still see on occasions.

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I agree I also think jones has lost the changing room yes we might play good at times but we still haven't won we need a new manager with new ideas I think we have a good team with a lot of potential we just need a good manager who gives the players confidence not a manager that drops players just after they have got man of the match the man is an person and we need to stick together with our players and get this muppet out before we end up playing in leauge 1 with the porkys JONES OUT!

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Funely enough Maguire has Saadi the same in the Star

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Get MM and DJ out I say. One is killing the squad and the other bleeding the club dry. It's time for a fresh start before we're in the minor leagues with the Snorty Porklet Brigade!

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Support the team not the manager

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I am not at all surprised on hearing this. We are in complete disarray. We WILL drop down a division if we stay with the current manager and support staff. I guarantee it.

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How can some one disagree that dj has lost the plot and the dressing room I think a few peole need to wake up and smell the Coffey he is ruining our club

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Read Steve Walmsley assessment of Wednesday's current situation in today's Star. He seems to be saying what most of us are saying, still he's only a negsert, telling the truth but to some a just another negsert.

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Just rubbish from weeds and blunts trying to cause trouble. Of course players are lacking confidence but to say DJ has lost the dressing room is absurd.

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11 Oct 2013 22:59:43
he has lost the dressing room he spends one day a week on training ground.

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DJ has not lost the dressing room! all this crap about I know a player and his mother and sister is codswallop if you can't speak the truth then don't speak at all, I am sick and tired of listening about people who know people who said this and that - let's have names - let's have a source - you say people are saying all these things but you don't give their names or yours don't tell lies this is a page for owls fans who hear rumors not for people to tell lies. Get off don't want to listen to it - Rumours YES - LIES NO UTO

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Don't feed the numpties.

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Its amazing how some people get into a such strop when someone posts something that they don't agree with. But to call posters liars because they don't agree with it, just shows how pathetic they are. This a rumours board if they don't want to read what people post don't read the posts. Simple!

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You don't have to be a weed or a blunt to realise that's dave jones has lost the plot half of the players are not performing and the club are going backwards with signing players you have lower clubs that are getting better players then us we have a striker in jail and the question is why is he still employed at the club he might not be getting paid ok fair does but that is not the point if we don't say up this season what will every one who has stuck up for dave jones be saying oh this wasn't right we didn't have this player etc he picks the team he buys the players us as fans are paid to watch and suffer we will still be here in years and years time do u think they will be dave jones and mm no a little common sence goes a long way and buy the way I am a loyal supporter of out club and I'm a season ticket holder for home and away have been for last 65 years!

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10 Oct 2013 07:14:31
So what happens if MM won't sack DJ and we continue to lose every game? Then surely it would make MM as responsible DJ for getting us relegated. If that's the case then they both need to go right now.

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At last finally the message is getting through

Dave Jones runs the team

Milan Mandaric runs/owns the club

Milan is ENTIRELY responsible for what's happening with the team because he is allowing it to happen

I have been saying this for over 12 months

Look at Ipswich under Mick McCarthy they couldn't buy a win until he came in and changed things

Jones AND Mandaric OUT

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Mandaric out that good we be out of business than he owns the club

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We would have no football club to support if mm do not buy the club
yes it is crap at this time but we are lucky to have a football club just think about that.

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Well known now that MM wants out and is talking to at least two interested parties but takeover talks take time, I work for a small company with only about 15 employees and a modest turnover but a recent takeover took 5 months so think how much more tricky that would be for a company the size of a footy club. DJ not going till new owners come in unless the results take a dramatic turn for the worst then a temporary caretaker will be brought in.

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They don't have the capacity to think about that.

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Agree .

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With regards to M. M. I personally think when he took the club over there were financial problems and it would seem he has sorted these out.
He made the decision to sack MEGSON, right or wrong he did it and sadly made the wrong decision to bring in JONES, but we, the fans, followed like sheep and lauded JONES as he took what was basically MEGSON's team into the Championship. We talked up our chances in this Division but JONES made some dubious signings, wasted money doing this and we scraped by and stayed in the Championship. Unbelievably he has made worse signings so far and we are, in my opinion, in a worse state than this time last year. I have been a Wednesday supporter since early/middle 1960's. Obviously we have had poor teams since that time and poor management, but this lot must be close to being the worst. At least previous managers gave the impression they cared whether or not they did mattered not, but watching this guy even I am starting to wonder what planet he is on. For Gods and supporters sake RESIGN and give us a future.

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Take Overs do take time

But please realise Milan Mandaric ONLY
wants PROFIT

He doesn't give a toss about Sheffield Wednesday or us the supporters he is only concerned about himself

He is now taking the urine out of us loyal fans by letting Jones wreak havoc with the team

The sooner they are BOTH gone the better

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'unless the results take a dramatic turn for the worst' (above), how much worse can it get.

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Some people on here don't understand football or business. MM owns the club, saved the club from a financial nightmare and poured money into making the club able to compete in the Championship, one of the best supported leagues in the entire world. So what if he wants to make a profit when he sells up, the fact that the club is now worth enough and stable enough TO make him a profit shows just how much he has turned the financial state of the club around. I would rather have a chairman who invests and builds for a few years then sells a profitable club than one in charge for decades who runs the club deeper into debt and languishing in the lower leagues. Of course some of you will disagree because you are all thick as pig s***. Oh and yes, I am a season ticket holder unlike the fairy tale land of many of you muppets who have no idea about the club or football in general, I'm a qualified FA youth coach too by the way, and I STILL don't know anywhere near enough about the behind the scenes goings on to claim to be able to tell you what is best for the club. Just remember what a disgrace our club was in before MM and let the man make a few quid off the back of turning the club around and thank him for it. You set of narrow minded pillocks.

As for DJ. He is not a Wednesday man, so he will never be forgiven for stepping into GM shoes. But he won't be sacked unless we lose ground with the bottom six because MM doesn't want to waste millions of £ in compensation. As things stand he is unpopular, has some rather odd ideas on tactics and player positions and looks miserable as sin but the truth is we are drawing far too many games, we are NOT being outplayed and beaten by 2, 3 or 4 goals week in week out. A few wins and suddenly we look like a healthy mid table team and his job is safe. Or are you watching a different team to the rest of us? If he had any morals I agree he should walk and waive his payoff. But he won't. And who would come in to a club which is up for sale knowing they will be out on their ear when the sale happens? A right mug that's who.

On another takeover note. Be careful what you wish for. Some of us remember the talk of a merger with the blunts when we were in a hopeless financial situation. Some of us look at what happened at DJ old club with the club being stripped of its heritage and identity. Some of us look at Blackburn and the shambles there. And some of us look at Newcastle and the laughing stock they are. Would you rather MM merged us with the blunts, made us play in red and blue stripes, with a team of money mad journeymen with no integrity, playing at the Asia stadium and in the top half of the Premier or be an honest team with a proud history and heritage and stable in the Champ? I know which I want. Be careful what you wish for.

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