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10 Nov 2012 09:26:37
If after watching Madine lead the line last night and scoring, Jones sends him out on loan next week the fans we really turn on him. He looked the best centre forward that has played all season. But what is betting that Bunty Bothroyd is picked for the next game. Jones has already blamed Madine for not putting away another chance last night.

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Although he scored what should have been a disallowed goal, he should have buried his other chance and by shipping madine out on loan he can bring in another striker what he is after, we have no clinical finishers a present so not a bad call seen as madine can gain confidence playing in a good league one team and scoring. It's ridiculous how many people have turned on dave jones

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10 Nov 2012 13:08:35
I now think it is time for MM to cut his loyalty to DJ and realise the signings, apart from Antonio, are not good enough-and to compound matters his choice and use of the loan market leave a lot to be desired! The change needs to be sooner rather than later so the situation can be rectified, trouble is who do we get in? Rednapp would be my choice however due to finance/logistics will it happen? We need Beevers back and drop LLera, Kirkland needs dropping, and we urgently require a midfield general! Shaun Derry would be a temporary fix, send Bothroyd back and use the £20 grand a week to get a couple of decent loan signings in. Wot do others think?

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I think Derry is a good holding midfielder.

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Dave jones days are numberd i wouldnt be suprised if he was sacked this week managers that could be in line for a shock switch to the mighty owls could possibly be curbishley meggson may be rednapp really carnt see him though but he would be my first choice

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Antonio was signed by Megson by the way !
Shaun Derry ?? Not even temporary thanks.
But youre right we definitely need an experienced midfield general to sit in with Samedo and get the young legs buzzing around them two to feed two up front .
Taxi for Bothroyd ! Everybody but DJ knows that Bothroyd must go back to QPR asap if we are going to turn this around.
Its obvious to everybody, including other players, that he is not worth a place in the team and yet he never gets criticised at all and is picked every week.
That cant be good for team spirit and I think thats starting to show.

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You talk a load of rubbish mate, there are other players to ship out long before Madine, This was Madine's first game in a long time and you make a snide comment about him for scoring an offside goal¯ if it had been Rodri, O'Grade or Bothroyd they would not have near enough to score an offside goal¯ Then you say he missed a sitter, if you remember the goalkeeper was right on top of him and coming out fast and he had to stab at the ball but he got his shot away so his reaction was good.

I like O'Grady he always works hard but he is not a natural finisher, Madine proved last season he can finish, he is still only 22yrs and leaning his trade, give him games in the Championship not in league 1 or he will not improve. Rodri is out of his depth and it will take a long time for him to find his feet. As for Bothroyd I'll pay his taxi fare to the train station.

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Imo we need reda back, a new centre half cos,experienced midfielder(ours is too young/lacks championship experience) and a striker.
Madine going out on loan isn't a bad thing if we can bring in a good striker instead.Madine will be a better player next season

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Madine will be a better Div1 player next season if he spends this term on loan in that league.
He has already equalled Hemroyds tally this season with one recent start.

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Apparently conner wickham on loan to owls does anybody have a view on this

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I heard that our scouts are visiting the local junior schools to see if we can sign any younger players on loan.

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11 Nov 2012 11:17:17
Why do we av to get rid of dj. We just need to give him time. We r only 8 points off play offs we do need a striker and holding midfielder but dj got us up and that we all need to stand by him and team and attack team & play 442 not 4141

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Le fondre, le fondre

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You ask why do we av to get rid of DJ ?
Then you tell us the players that are needed and that we are playing the wrong system !
If you know that and he doesnt see it, dont you think thats a good reason for him to go?

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A the previous poster asks why does DJ have to go, let me remind him that DJ has brought in fifteen players in Kirkland, Mattock, Lee, Gardener, Taylor, Corry, MaCabe, Barkley, Maguire, Rodri, Borthroyd, Mayor, Pecnik, Davies and of course Antonio and then says we still need a centre half, a holding midfielder and a striker. Some people are priceless.

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That sounds a decent team :)
Individually when you look at those players,it seems they are ones capable of doing a job in the championship.But when you put them all together it just ends up with a disjointed performance that lacks bite and goal scoring chances.
I think we do lack a quality centre half, consistant wide man maybe and definitely a striker who worries defenders.
We need some older experienced heads.There are too many players who never played in this league before.

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So why is DJ looking to bring another kid in ??

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10 Nov 2012 08:43:48
Come on Milan swallow your pride. You sacked Megson while we were in 4th place and employed Dave Jones. Are you now only Keeping Jones to justify doing this? This is our club your playing your games with so if you want to bring MEGGO back I suggest you do it now. If not then bring someone in who can do what Dave Jones clearly can't. You got it wrong when you made Jones manager, please don't make the same mistake with our club again.

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It's time for a change, but Megson is not the answer

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Di canio he has the fighting spirit and doesnt like losing jones doesnt seemed bother if he wins or loses hes to flat we need a spark and we need it now

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Megson is the only name. Not Redknapp who financially would kill the club and not Paulo who needs more experience. Curbishley wouldn't move up here and we're not trendy enough for McCleish.

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I cant think of anybody better at this time.
The majority of players still respect him and worked their socks off for him last year.
He is a much smarter manager than the Owls fans give him credit for, even the Bolton fans were amazed how he saved them from relegation and then took them in to Europe. It was a personality thing with them. Bolton done well since they sacked him ??
He got West Brom in to Prem twice with a lot less money than MM has got.

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Ok then sack dj who do we bring in redknapp wont come north so forget him
di canio - not all fans would want him
megson - wont work with mandy and paul aldridge again
coyle -- poss a good shout did well at burnley
adkins - if he loses his job at saints id take a punt on him
sheridan- too big a job for him
we need someone who could galvanise this group of players for some tough fixtures that are in front of us

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Megson would do it for me if they could find a way to make it work.
Most of his players are still here .
Theyre still some of the best players we've got.
They just cant get in the side .... can they DJ ??

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It's is actually impossible for any manager to do a worse job at the moment than what DJ is doing.
Stupid team selections, formations, transfers and post match comments. How any body can defend these decisions is beyond me.

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We need a new manager AND a new coach!

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