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10 May 2013 12:20:41
O'grady in swap deal for mellis

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That really a good swap? I like ogrady?! xxx

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Could be possible

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Take that everyday of the week

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No chance would, nt mind it though

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Milan told Megson after the Chesterfield game the season before last that he didn't want O'Grady playing for us again. Megson told MM TO F off, that is why MM and Megson fell out. Milan wanted him out of the club at the first opportunity and the first opportunity was to our relegation rivals Barnsley

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I like ogrady but dj don't and mellis good young winger they really want ogrady we need a winger

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Why would you get rid of o'grady. He's better madine dose a lot more work. He puts effort in.

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What's the chances of Danny batth back at S6

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Barnsley supremo Don Rowing has confirmed that the super reds are looking to bring in striker Chris O`Grady on a permanent deal.

Talks are yet to take place with Sheffield Wednesday and although the tykes are desperate to bring in O`Grady, Rowing says a deal will only be done at the right price.

O`Grady was pivotal to keeping Barnsley in the Championship with six goals following a loan move from Sheffield Wednesday and most reds fans would love to see him back at Oakwell on a permanent basis.

I agree that the club should not be held to ransom on a player that they want but I also think that the reds need to be competitive with their offer in order to sign him.

One worry I have regarding the close season so far is how long it takes us at Barnsley to get discussions under way for transfer targets and more importantly David Flitcroft. Other clubs seem much quicker and I hope that it doesn`t come back to bite us.

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The season is only over a week and you are worrying. Lol

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I agree with the poster that said MM didn't want O'Grady, I heard the same last year from a source within Hillsborough, Megson and MM had a row about it and Megson stormed off.

O'Grady scored goals at Barnnsley because he got better service than he did at Hillsbrough. People get on Madine's back but if we had a half decent midfield he and the others strikers at the club would have a better chance to score goals. I love to see Antonio and JJ in full flight but neither of them consistently provide that killer pass. I wouldn't be surprised if Buxton got in more telling crosses than either of Antonio or JJ

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I think it will be a case of accepting any fee if milan does not like him, although I do think he is worth at least £500,000

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Here we all are arguing again

Just shows at the end of the day Dave Jones has not got a clue about players


I therefore rest my case your honour

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After what O'Gradydid for the dingles, last season. I'll be quite annoyed if Barnsley don't buy him on transfer. We need paying for his services.

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I like ogrady bt mm and dj dnt so I think we should gt mellis

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(In response to earlier post)

I'm no jones fan but I'm not blind:


Some good signings in there too. I think that last season we replaced far too many, too quickly and some of the names mentioned in this thread were not good enough. But, there were some of our best players this season come in too.

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Lita, Kirkland, Gardner, Barkley, Howard, olofinjana, Holden, helan, they were all poor signings weren't they haha?

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It's too easy to focus on the transfers that didn't work. let's be honest even alex ferguson has made some bad signings veron, taibi, kleberson, djemba djemba etc. Mistakes happen but it is DJ's side that has finished 10 points off playoffs. Before season started any Wednesday fan would have been happy with that stat

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Daft post about Jones being poor you have to be complete buffoon to not realise we have made eal progress in last 12 months both on and off pitch. If changes to team had not een made we would have gone straight back down. Also we now have arnsley fans on our pags in additio to resident weed and blunt thought they were above this.

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^ chuffing well said mate.

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10 May 2013 10:10:38
my twitter feed said that Sylvan Ebanks-Blake is on his way to us, I personally don't think it has any substance.

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Id like to see him at s6 but let's see uto xxx

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He broke his fibula on April 1st. He's not passing a medical any time soon! Pity though, good score at this level

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10 May 2013 00:04:25
Whn does jones make it officical whos stayin and whos going bkowl

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When he is ready.

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We have to make contract offers and players and agents have to go away and think about them. Often nice to post when done deal rather than just offer made. Also very large number out of contract so lots of horse trading to be done.

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Ive read on here that there's going to be a lot of players that ain't going to get new deals let's hope mm digs into he's pockets and gets quality players at times this season we have lacked that

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Scott wagstaff from Charlton is out of contact wouldn't mind him

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Will be late next week

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Financial fair play a big factor this season

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