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10 May 2012 23:27:01
Dave jones is after Roger Johnson of wolves on a season long loan:source daily mail.

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Oh come off it , were never getting him. Bring back des walker !

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This will never happen.

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John Percy on twitter says the player is keen to join us. He has a good record of being accurate. Johnson has jad numerous well reported problems this year such as turning up drunk for training and fights with team mates. This will not make him easy to offload and Wolves want him out.

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One or two rela negative comments suggest Trigger and co have left their sty.

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No chance of johnson he is a premership player and if wolves sell him it wont be to someone in the same league he will be back in the premership my guess someone like , aston villa , wigan or another lower to mid table team

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Mmm above comment sounds like someone from the sty. Johnson has had disciplinary problems and player himself wants to join. If we can meet wage demands we are in with a chance.

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Johnson has had massive problems at Wolves, I am from Wolverhampton & know people at the club. He is not a PL player, he is Championship at best. Apparently he wants to work with DJ again as it was DJ who bought him from Wycombe & they work well together.UTO

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10 May 2012 20:45:35
Olifajana and Hobbs a double swoop from hull

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Hobbs would be a good signing.

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Hobbs has done his anterior cruciate ligament. Out for 8 month so doubt we'll be getting him.

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10 May 2012 20:40:33
Dj has enquired about jay rodriguez of burnley 1 goal every 2 games ratio last season and contract expires next march {Ed013's Note - They want 5-6 million for him}

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Shows ambition and very good player but Rodriguez is attracting Premier interest.

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Above not true jay is off to pl!

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No chance will be in the premership

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10 May 2012 20:35:35
peter whittingham joining the owls heard it here first!

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I 'kin wish

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We all wish

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10 May 2012 19:35:45
baldock , earnshaw and whitingham to sign for wednesday.

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Wouldn't want earnshaw hasbin we'd be better off signing beatie

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Is take those three

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We dont want grandad earnshaw

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I do not think he will sign anyone from Cardiff.

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10 May 2012 10:28:26
I can't help but think everyone is getting carried away with talk of another promotion next year. We have to consolidate for a season or two first. Take Southampton. We don't have a Ricky Lambert or an Adam Lallanna ( spelling ? ) . Antonio looks class in League 1 but why couldn't he get a game for Reading last year ? Look around the team and especially those who are our players and with the exception of Buxton, Llera, Semedo and Madine, ( and maybe Bywater and Reda ) I don't see anyone with the ability or potential to play in a top championship side. I know MM will invest and DJ is a top manager - but a reality check is required - take it from one who has seen the bad times over the past 15 years ! Saturday was unbelievable and we have some brilliant foundations with MM and DJ in charge - but one step at a time please

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Agree Only around 4 -players are good enough for the championship, it would appear that the chairman wants promotion within a short space of time, hopefully he will fund Dave Jones for some players capable of the next levels up

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Firstly if you can not dream when you have just won promotion when can you. Another promotion would be nice but agree it may take one, two or three as Mandarich stated. What we are saying is we need players who can deliver at Championship level. It is no use buying players who are a make do and have to be replaced next year.

Think you have correctly pointed out the scale of rebuilding required is huge and from DJ comments when he talked about a "revolution in the summer" when he first came I expect substantial change. From your list would only see Buxton and Bywater as squad players, others mentioned I could see them as a success at this level. Believe Lines and Beevers could be a squad players but unsure about rest.

A good team spirit and bond does count for a lot and Southampton and Norwich teams have many players who were thought not suitable for Premiership and Championship but proved folks wrong. Hope some of ours can do the same. Last time we went up little change was maid and we struggled so hoping for some good acquisitions.

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What happened last Saturday ?

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As its a team game sometimes players just dont gel. Antonio has done with us and I am confident that he we be very effective in the Championship.
I don't think that fans enjoying promotion and looking forwards to the next level need a reality check, if we were all doom and gloom we wouldn't be in this situation.

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I agree with no getting carried away but nothing wrong with optimism, a rare commodity at Hillsborough. I to be honest I hope the blades get promotion for two reasons. 1, derby games an 2, Sheffield has taken a pummelling over the last few years and two teams doing well is good for the city so lets enjoy ourselves and learn to dream, aspire, think big and stand stall my fellow Owls!

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Agree with above point about United and wonderful uplift for City. My dream was to win Premiership or FA Cup and have Utd as runners up. Half of Manchester is going to be absolutely gutted at the weekend.

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At the moment were 25-1 to win the league and 6-1 for promotion, if everyone else is confident then so should we! in milan we trust

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Have some of you not been to school before?
PS Buxton is more than capable of playing Championship standard!

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I hope SUFC get battered ...I'm not interested in this " it's good for the city stuff ".

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On Twitter it is reported Leeds winger Adam Clayton has signed for Leicester. He plays same position as Marshall. Hence Marshall rumour may be true. {Ed013's Note - Clayton plays center Midfield}

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Yes Buxton can play at Champioship level but realisticly not in a promotion team. He struggled against some Championship wingers two years ago and will again.

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Having SUFC in Championship is good financially for the Owls. Only thing better is if they went to the wall so Wednesday would have a much better fan catchment base. Sometimes you have to look beyond rivalry. Besides we will get at least 4 points off them if they are promoted.

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Buxton has progresswd and 2 years ago wasnt as good on the ball as well as defending, hes more than capable for champ and any mupit who says otherwise needs to get themsen to the games

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Saeason ticket holder and 12 away games this season. He does not have pace of top quality full back. Will be a good squad player who will cover at back but do not be surprised to see him start on bench for first game if Jones gets in his players.

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Totally agree with the first comment we do not have a 30 goal a season striker which you need to even get close to going up auto southampton only did it on the last game dont forget , same as norwich with grant holt , we need to become a strong championship side then go from there

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09 May 2012 23:08:01
Dave Jones has said rumours that he's agreed a fee for Antonio is "rubbish", but he has had several conversations with Reading. Antonio's said, "If [Dave Jones] wants to talk to Reading about me, I can't say no." Taken from Hallam FM reporter (Kelly O'Donnell)'s Twitter account.

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DJ has enquired about Antonio nothing more.

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