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10 Mar 2012 09:11:05
Paul Aldridge says 3 in the next few weeks 1 Before NC game, I expect Emile Sinclair, Koumas, and Owen Morrison

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Owen Morrison! ........ I wouldnt want him back at hillsborough after he went to pigs after us!

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I wouldnt want him cos his record since leaving us has hardly been encouraging.

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Steven tames could be one of the three,hes on trail next week.

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So .. all these people who were grumbleing about dave jones being our new manager , any of you changed your mind yet? 3 games 7 goals 1 goal conceded. like jones sad he build teams. i was gutted about megson but i can see dave taking us further than gary. i know is only been 3 games , hope i dont end up eating my words.

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2 games he only watched tht rochdale game ad nwt to do wi it

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The biggest difference has been Antonio coming in.
He made the difference in the derby , and he's been the main man in last two games.
We don't know yet just how much difference Jones has made .

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I herd tames scored a hatrick against tramere. Then stockport was going to give him a trail but we sneaked in to get him on trail.

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Koumas and morrison,
so we are going to go backwards then,
foolish talk

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Where did paul aldridge say this?

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Plus can't see us getting sinclair, be nice if we did tho but there's a number of championship clubs looking to loan him.

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To him that says he hopes he does'nt end up eating his own words, why say it in first place, all we need now is a jinx.

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Yeah tames will start his trial tomoz. I have no doubt he,ll be offerd a contract alot of promise. Alderigde said about the 3 new additions at the q and a night. One in before next sat.

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The q and a night, whats that.

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What you talking about mate , jinx? what are you? 10 years old again lol

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The Q&A night was 30 SWFC fans talking to Aldrige midweek,that's where he said about the 3 loans.

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Same person keeps mentioning Koumas, he has been out of the game best part of 12 months and is not getting any younger. The sseason would be over before he could even start. His career is over unless he plays non league.

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Where is owen morrison?
and i agree why live in past then represent for the future?
emile could be good but owen and koumas wft?

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I also want to know what happened to owen morrisson, he was a good young prospect, didnt he leave us for west brom?

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Owen morrisson is at Derry City, spent the last 10 years getting released about every 6 months from clubs in ireland and scotland, even had a spell in the US, not worth the ink to sign him

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He played at fc new york with one my friends, he said he had great technical ability. The chairman brought in a friends who worked at a school college and brought all his own players.

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10 Mar 2012 00:15:21
If we are going to put rumours on here can we please use the link at the top of the page, instead of replying to the links it's not hard is it people come on common sense.

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Lighten up mate ..FFS

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Not being funny mate
but its also not hard to scroll down page
and have a butchers at peoples replys.

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I am being funny mate sort it out and dont moan about trivial stuff

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