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10 Jun 2012 22:12:38
Owen Hargreaves on play as you play, wanting to prove his fitness to Bayern Munich for one past shot at the big time. Source: Sunday mail, twitter, sky sports

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Why has someone posted rubbish about a Manchester City player on Owls site,it has no relevance to Owls.

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Can't see him stepping down to this level, and as good as he once was i would rather have semedo playing that role.

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10 Jun 2012 21:04:21
Does anyone know if the John Carew signing was true? Personally I'd rather take Ricardo Fuller.

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Carew rumour was false.

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I think if we would sign fuller then it would be a major coup ! solid player with goals at prem level ! in the championship he would be brilliant !

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I agree, very good finisher.

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10 Jun 2012 16:43:38
i think we need 2 centre halfs 2 wingers 2 centre mids and 2 forwards maybe gardner whomweve been linked with also st ledger but cant see us getting him danny murphy has been linked but i fancy keith andrews he is proven at this level with ipswich where he played really good antonio and gary mackay-stevens from dundee he was by far there best player he is young and skillful the two attackers weve been linked with marvin emnes and i would take him and another would be dexter blackstock i would go for forest havent got no money he's proven at this level and they suffered last year cause he broke his leg but these are just players who ive heard there names in other rumours and i would take these players and we would be in top 6 with these signings UTO FTB WTID

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And breath!! Your proven at this level at talking cack

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^& breath!! Ha ha love it

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Considering we have signed a goalkeeper and two full backs, you may as well as said a complete side.
Some of names such as Blackstock, Emnes, & Andrews are not under consideration.

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You know absolutley nothing about football, from what I'm reading!

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10 Jun 2012 08:39:35
Sheffield wendy Jermaine Johnson is to be announced as a signing for our Yorkshire rivals Bradford city

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Are you a dingle or a blunt because only those sort of people call us wendy?

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I hope so, there's better out there

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Load of crap he is still on holiday. Did you not here Dave Jones in that interview.

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Hope so brilliant on his day but very injury prone not available for enough games per season

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I wouldnt be bothered if he did dingle ! heres some news wednesday 5 dingles 0 ha ! we are so going to hammer you next season ! hopefully send you back to where you belong ! in the little league with the pigs !

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10 Jun 2012 10:31:22
Reading are set to offer michail antonio and 100k for Gary Madine, but will not offer it uintil swfc play reading in their friendly so they can see how madine does at premier league level, also they will loan antonio out to us just for that game to see how he does at premier league level...

Source: SWFC subscription news

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How will playing for us in a friendly against them tell them anything about how a player will do at Premier League level?

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LOL, so Wednesday Vs Reading in a friendly is PREMIER LEAGUE LEVEL ? How do you work that one out. Boring nonsense but inventive I suppose.

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They value antonio at 700k we payed more than that for madine with add ons so doubt this an actual agreement

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What aload of rubbish! reading want 700k for antonio so they value madine at 800k . . . rubbish antonio will sign when he is back from holiday

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Don't think that's going to happen, Madine is not premier league standard, he's not even proven at championship level yet so why would Reading or any other premiership team be interested in him?

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If Madine can repeat what he did last season, in the Championship, then I reckon he could be a Premier League player

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I thought madine cost very little when he signed no where near the figure mentioned above I may be wrong {Ed032's Note - He signed for around a reported 800,000}

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I would cancel your subscription if this is type of rubbish that is sent.

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Because reading are a premier league side! It's not hard to work out, plus this is a rumour site, not a 100% truth site,, all i did was write what I saw from another website!!

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Reading aren't a Premier League side yet there a Championship Promotion side.

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So we're not a championship either

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No not yet we haven't played in the championship yet.

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10 Jun 2012 09:23:39
Isn't a rumour but would anybody take a punt with Tyrone Barnett from Crawley?
Had a reasonable record on loan with peterbourgh last season
Could provide pace upfront which we most Deffinately need

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Peterborough signed him for 1million it was a loan with a permanent move after

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Peterborough have signed him, he was on a season loan where they pay the transfer fee at the next window. Thats why evens is now Rotherhams managers because their chairman didnt want him to be sold as they didnt need the money

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10 Jun 2012 00:00:57
Wednesday are set to sign Dave Kitson

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Going to pigs. was seen at bramall lane at playoffs with beattie, also.. wudnt want him anyways...

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