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10 Jul 2013 21:53:27
Gary Taylor-Fletcher is currently training with Sheffield Wednesday. Was a good striker in his time but I think he is too old for the Championship now. I think we need to look at younger players such as Simeon Jackson. Desperately need a striker!

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Jackson gone to Germany
GTF not what we need. We need Alfie or Wells

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First poster must be gutted about Jackson. He must be the one always harpin on bout him. Well he's gone m8, now we might get some peace and quiet!

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Probably the least prolific forward ever! Jeffers doesn't count, because he has never been an attacker.

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That's funny because it says in today's sun that's he's gone to Bournemouth on a free transfer so some ones got there facts wrong ha ha

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Yeah, you. You have got your facts wrong.

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He hasn't got his facts wrong it WAS in Sun. He was sayin there was two stories so SOMEONE had got it wrong. Read it it properly

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10 Jul 2013 16:27:37
Looks like MM and DJ are going to surprise us after all. I'm hearing that bids have been lodged for Ivan Ivanov and Alfreo Finnbogason and that Kevin Diaz has been offered a contract and may be having a medical today. Gary Coulibaly (I think) will also sign, but he has to negotiate a release from his Monaco contract first - although this shouldn't be a problem. That's probably it for the first team, but another 3 Dev Squad signings are expected (not including Floro but Nortei Nortey is one of the 3 Dev signings). Yes these ARE rumours but that's what I've been told, and thought I would share as there are a couple of new names. UTO!

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Alfreo is valued at 4 mill so dowt it but let's see!

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I think overall info is incorrect I will explain why.
I looked up Alfred Finnbogasson and on his wikipedia page it says he has signed for Notts Forest today for £6 million. Nothing else to back this up and wikipedia highly inaccurate. Would love rumour to be true but he would cost £2 to £3 million from his dutch club.
I do not like Bulgarian centre halves so hope Ivanov rumour is inaccurate. We have been linked with numerous players from this area but no mention of this guy so very unlikely.
Think Diaz will be recruited but Coulibay very unlikely.
Think Nortey terms have already been agreed and just medical to be finalised. Yung midfielder and striker under consideration.

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Would be happy enough with that I guess.

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Would love Finnborgason but he is way out of our league

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Finnbogason looks a find if its true

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If there is any truth in your post we need to prepare for a relegation battle and prey our limited team/squad is better than at least three other teams. You can argue it is only July 10th but I am seriously concerned. Has MM given up on the club?

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Cant see alfreo finnbogason signing, valued at 4 million accoeding to transfer market

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For f**ks sake. As you say its only 10th of July. let's judge how the team looks in Aug/Sept. We signed a lot of players late on in the window last year and also not many teams have signed many players in any of the leagues so i'm not in the slightest bit worried yet.

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To the last post,, about MM giving up, are you mad? I think we will b more than fine,

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No, but sounds like you have.

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Three people have responded to my post. One abusive there's a surprise. One optimistic I really do admire your faith. Finally one inaccurate! Despite what I may or not think I will be watching the Owls home and away as I have always done. DJ has already shown his judgement in signings is sadly lacking: Rodri, Mattock, Taylor, Pecnik, Mayor and Corry to name a few. Maybe MM has had enough of Jones wasting his money!

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Yes but look at some of the good players he has brought in, McCabe Barkley, lita, and now maghoma, then look at the development squad lavery, dieseruvwe, obileye, mckenzie, Cameron Dawson we need to realize that jones is looking to the future for players as well as proven, expierienced players, and I don't think mayor and corry have been bad signings, they are only young and have been out on loan

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Same boring story from the same boring poster.
Your a very delicate little flower if you found any of the previous responses abusive.

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Haha some of you people are so funny! How can you say maghoma is a good signing on the basis of one friendly against Stockport Closet Door Bangers FC

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How can you say that he isn't on the basis of one match?

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Maghoma will turn out to be a quality player you watch.

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You are the character who has been on DJs back ever since he took over from Megson.
He is a decent chap and is doing a sensible job. Every manager signs players who fail, in fact a manager who gets more than 50% correct is usually a top draw one who has lots of money to spend. When you couple this with the fact we had no scouting network it is surprising we got any decent players at all.
If you look at all last seasons signings he came out on the plus side with one making an impact than failing. By harping on about the ones that fail you show your own inadequacy and failing in life. It would be far more rewarding for you to look at the positives rather than be shrouded in misery and tales of woe. I say this as I genuinely think it will make you a better person.

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I think maghoma will b mint for us,, just got that feelin,, I think dave jones is doing a good job, gitting youngster in, 100% be getting sum other gems in! I personally think the next 1-4 years are lookin like the betta years to come back to wednesday! Dunno if its just me but am buzzin and cart wait for the season to get goin! Good times ahead for us,,, were on the up lads, cheer the F upppp,

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10 Jul 2013 13:08:35
Heard we are close to 2 signings. there having medicals now. I think people will be very happy with who comes in.

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Believe it when I see it

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It won't be Kevin Davies thank goodness he has signed for Preston

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If you no who it is give us a clue what positions do they play

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If you know whos coming in hense you think we wil be happy for 2 signings, tell us who you think is signing and let's hope your proved right then wrong, other wise we would of sign bent or cole 6 weeks ago? lol uto xxx

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Another person who is just writing what ever they want, no one will be having Medicals. Just another made up rumour

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I am aware Wednesday have made provision for this week. The private hospital they use has been made aware of likely need of their facilities. I nderstand it is for more than one person. My understanding was it would be Thursday or Friday as MM is meeting DJ & PA today to adjudicate on any transfers.

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So if u think fans will be happy then spill who they are and we can see if you are right soon. No one knows who you are so why hide it.

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I was not original poster, but have heard medical facility had been contacted. I have no certainty who medicals are for. One strong rumour indicated that young lad Nortey is one of them

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Forward and defender. Wait and see.

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10 Jul 2013 13:05:57
I've been told that Shola Ameobi has been down at Middlewood Road over the past week, so don't be surprised if he is our new target man type striker.

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That's the story going round Newcastle as well

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