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10 Jul 2012 17:40:50
We,v had a bid accepted for nile ranger. Medical to take place tomorrow.100%

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Where you heard this from ?

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How do you know this? I'll not hold my breath

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Please share with us where you've got this info from,or is it just more bull poop

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Hope not. Thought he was average at best last year. Madine will be our big man, need a younger Ryan Lowe.

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Could be right, Nile ranger and another bloke having a meal in garrison hotel about 8 o clock tonight

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Newcastle reporting no bid from Owls

thought Norwich ( ex manager Chris Houghton ) interested

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Not good enough for Norwich

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10 Jul 2012 14:55:19
Spoke with Jarrod kyle whos in the youth team and he says that Ben Pringle has been around the training ground. Can see him and Somedo working well in midfield.

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Ive heard alot of rumours building about us signing Pringle. I saw him a few times at the end of last season and hes a talented little midfielder. Not sure about the 450k prices that are being said but he does have a spanish style to his play - Denman

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I hope this is not just a rumour. With Antonio still a possibility im sure we would then have a midfield capabile of avoiding relegation (hopefully)

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I so hope this is try. If we get Antonio aswell then our midfield will be Amazeballs

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Does not sound or feel right, would be amazed if he joined us.

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Whos somedo

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Norris to be annouced tomorrow.There was a hold up due to money owed to him by pompey. Antonio is the main missing piece of the jigsaw but he will sign next two weeks. Ranger firmly still on radar but Newcastle are not happy with the clauses Wednesday insist on re his court case. Pardew wants shut however owner wants hard cash. DJ will sit down with at least five squad players this week and encourage them to find a club as their chances if a game are remote.Milan happy to pay for a good squad but wants rid of those who will not feature and put a drain on the wage bill.

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This smells like a Dingly Den man trying to hand out the Pringles again ??

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Clearly a piggy that puts hopefully avoid relegation. go on your own page!

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When MM at Portsmouth that was Premiership TV money.As things stand without his money we would not have got promoted and without his money we wont get promotion from the Championship.He might appear to be not splashing his cash fast enough for some on here but its easy to spend other peoples money,he will pay what he considers fair transfer fees and wages he wants promotion more than anyone.In January he may splash some big money to strengthen the squad if promotion is a possibility.UTO {Ed032's Note - We have acquired the services of the majority of free transfers that we will be getting, 5/6 so far. Yet MM claims he wants 12 new players thus suggesting the spending is yet to come.}

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10 Jul 2012 13:45:41
ed, is there any truth in this kid amado coming from ud lieira whom have 19 points from about 30 games. {Ed046's Note - Yes he played for Uniao Lieira but he spent last season on loan at Estoril Praia with whom he won the Portugese division 2 title. He played 20 times for them scoring 1 goal.

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Looks like DJ is setting up a good young development squad and building for the future.

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Amado confirmed in sheff star today.

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Personally i dont think we have the money to spent on a developement squad so i think hell be in the squad for next season. starting 11 who knows in dj we trust !! uto

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Amado and regula will both be in first team. Amado isnt for the development squad

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Judging by Amados CV I can't see him being in the starting line up.

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Check him out on you tube hes a good player

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How havent we got any money mandarics the same person who spent 18 million on 2 players at portsmouth {Ed046's Note - And look where they are now!!

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Amado is definatly for the first team he says in the intervie@ he did with radio sheff.he would be training with development squad if he was but hes training with first team.

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Not down to madaric theyd stil be in prem if mandaric was in charge

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10 Jul 2012 11:41:08
Hearing we will confirm the signing of Portuguese midfielder Diego Amado today - watch this space will try and give another update shortly

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It is true on official website 2 year deal subject to international clearance

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He signed today 2 year deal, ragula to follow

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Semedo showed regula and amado round apartments amado has already signed so regula will sign in next couple of days uto

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10 Jul 2012 09:07:52
Bohsni and Norris to be completed in next 48hours, 350k for Norris and 500k for Bohsni, source Sun/

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Just been on there isn't nothing about these 2

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Norris is 100k max, and 500k for a league 2 player! 200k at max!

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For a start its mohsni, admit it your another blade fan coming on here because your site only gets updated 3 or 4 times a day.

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This is a genuine rumour published in The Sun today. It might not be true but the original poster is only repeating what was writen in The Sun

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It is on the skysports website and in the sun paper and the star. Norris for 350k and mohsni for approx 500k {Ed046's Note - It is but Sky have it in the paper talk section.They are not reporting it just sharing a tabloid rumour!!

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Bit much for mohsni tho.

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We will only know whether - it's a bit much- or whether it's good value at the end of his contract , not before he's even signed !
Same for any player , even the so-called big names ! {Ed046's Note - Very true! 35 million for Carroll?? Or Grant Holt for 400k. Take your pick.

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DJ totally denying links with Mohsni but could be a smoke screen

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Norris will be sorted within next 48 hours hit a snag at Portsmouth end

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Heard that Norris is on his way to Leeds.

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Obviously warnock has no idea who to buy so goes to the massive for inspiration

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