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10 Jan 2014 20:52:00
Wednesday looking at chris dagnall after his release from barnsley

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Hull look like there signing Jelavic so possibly Fryatt on the move. Hopefully Hillsborough bound.

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We should try and get Nicky Maynard on loan proven Goal Scorer at this level or Luciano Becchio.

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11 Jan 2014 14:05:16
Stuart gray got the tactics totally wrong today we only beat Leeds 5-0 its not good enough!;);););););

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Get Wickham at any cost.

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Make that 6 nil

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Lots of moans about not signing anybody, well after todays performance think some folks need to realise Gray is doing good job and some of the players we have bought are not too bad.
Lee is proving to be a decent player ran midfield and always looked comfortable on ball.
Maguire was quiet today but did a job and got a goal.
Maghoma anothe looking to be useful good on ball and works really hard.
Lavery now he has a bit of confidence, could be a bit special.
Nuhiu worked hard and got a goal.
All team were organised and worked for one another, the confidence which will have come from inflicting a record defeat on Leeds can not be underestimated.
marvellous day to be Wednesday fan.

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Heard that Leeds winger Cameron Stewart has complained that he was kidnapped about 3. 00pm this afternoon. He can't remember much but he was found about 5. 00pm in Liam Palmers back pocket. Lol

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The rest of the Leeds team were found in the rest of the Wednesday players pockets. Awesome day almost as good as the Boxing Day game against United.

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It was a 12:15 kick off.

Best bit was Reda tackle on Kebe. let's say Kebe decided he would hide after that. Honestly never saw him again must have worn a grass suit and laid motionless for game.

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Grass suit. Lol, I ilke that one.

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Spot on about Lavery he will be special.

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Great result, Leeds were very poor and their defending was shocking but you can only beat what is in front of you and we did that with style, energy and a lot of skill. Reda has taken a lot of flack recently but yesterday he was back to his best he terrified them all afternoon. Smith was sent on to rough him up and lasted 40 seconds. Lee was fantastic and deserved the man of the match award. McDermott looked embossed and shocked.

Last season we see the worse of the Leeds supporters but give those Leeds fans at the game yesterday credit, their team were being thrashed 6. 0 but they were still singing and cheering their team. Well done to them

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10 Jan 2014 18:41:53
This is becoming a joke know Scunthorpe spend 300k on a striker we carnt spend a pound'every club who have sacked there managers have replace them within a couple of weeks'Charlton was in takeover talks on the Monday it was completed by the Friday,, Milan your a lyer there's nobody interested in buying this club plus your 5 man short list was a complete lye. And don't say your waiting for the right invester to come a long becouse that didn't bother you at Portsmouth' ether appoint Gray or whoever and back him with money or come on the pitch at half time tommoro and tell us die hard fans that do love the club the true.

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This is a joke! We are performing better than we have all season, more points than any other time in the season.

Agree other teams have money to spend and we don't. That's frustrating but it may be the case - therefore why should we start spending money we don't have.

Been reading and making odd comments to posts but really fed up
of people making negative points about anything. I'm not saying blindly follow without question; but let's give it a break eh.

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Give Milan a break, having spoken to him on a couple of occasions I believe he is trying his best. He has about the same amount of money as McCabe has at the lane and McCabe has had to bring in extra investment to take his club forward and look how long it has taken him to get the right investor so get off MM's back. We might not even be in existence if it wasn't for him. Secondly SG has said that he is trying to bring in players that the top clubs in the Championship are also interested in as well, we would be complaining if we brought in rubbish like Bothroyd again just to say we had signed a player, so let's wait and see who we do bring in then you can make your comments. I am also glad to see that the lead posters literacy, spelling and grammar is so, well literate and well thought out. MM must be comforted to know that he has such intelligent posters like them as advisers.

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If you remember I said on here months ago that a take over is not going to happen, nor is investment. Mandric needs us for tax and citizenship purposes. The only time we will get sold or invested in s when somebody out of the blue approaches Mandric and dangles a carrot. Everything has it's price.

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We were close to signing 2 players until mm wanted to pay them in Serbian dinars and the players backed out

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Rubbish, MM is Serbian/American and he is a naturalised American citizen. His main businesses are based in Silicon Valley, California USA. The USA tax system is better than ours for business and American citizens. Google have their US operation registered office in the US and the European operations office in Ireland because Ireland and the US have much better tax rates than the UK. He has no businesses in the UK except Sheffield Wednesday, so why would he want us for tax and citizen purposes. Please explain

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For prestige. Simple as that. He thrives on the fame.

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10 Jan 2014 18:40:29
Milan's surprised us all when you were all losing faith. Just signed a deal to take us back to league one

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10 Jan 2014 14:13:09
Wednesday are in talks with Wigan for Nouha Dicko for a loan deal for the rest of the season, but there is plenty of other clubs wanting him as well.

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We signed MR no one again

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Why did they rush him back from rotherham if he's going to be loaned out agen then?

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What's this Mr No-one like then? can't be any worse than who we have already surely!

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Mr no-one is a good player

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As Cilla said surprise, surprise no signings till after cup game, just been on radio, mm must think we are all thick, all to sell more tickets, what a conner he is

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Just heard that Darius Henderson refused a months loan with us from Forest

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Good, would rather eat celery.

(I hate celery)

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10 Jan 2014 13:38:22
Lita signed 2 year deal

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Not seen or heard anything about lita, can't believe it, let jameson out to Bradford so getting money in but what about us? can't see anything anywhere, everyone doing business but us. Can anyone tell us what's happening - Will anyone tell us SOMETHING beginning to think MM can't afford life in championship and needs to get back to div 1 asap and believe me he is going the right way about it UTO eric the owl

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Nobody's saying owt because there isn't going to be any signings

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10 Jan 2014 08:14:44
Here'd a whisper that the striker we are after is dariuse Henderson From forest just got back from working down there and the lad at the b and b is a season ticket holder at the city ground we got talking about football and he showed me the Nottingham forest news thread that he gets sent and it says it on there so must at least have been an inquiry.

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No thanks past his sell by date

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Wonder how many people have said that about Kevin Phillips in the past, Henderson scores goals fact

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Wickham goes from us to them, we get one of the guys he's replacing and that's supposed to cheer us up. Typical of dealings since we came up from Lge 1.

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