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10 Jan 2013 22:57:20
Paul Corry to go on one months loan to Swindon to gain more 1st team experience

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Looks like rob earnshaw is the forward to be signing as he would cost nothing.

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Lets sign camp frm Forrest xx

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10 Jan 2013 23:36:42
Good he needs it

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Don't need a keeper desperately

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Why is everyone going on loan to swindon

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Di Canio link possibly?

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Barkley signed on loan to leeds missed out again

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Barkley gone to Leeds. Fact

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Typical wednesday wait too log and the players go elseware ie Marshall and now Barkley to Leeds on loan. We aint getting anybody cos the manager and chairman have no ambition

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I think the chairman of our club needs to pull his finger out of his back side or we won't be getting any players !!

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Who would you rather let a promising youngster go out on loan to? A team fighting relegation or a team that could be challenging for playoffs? Some people are clueless

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10 Jan 2013 21:43:07
DJ to use his Evertonian contacts to sign Francisco Junior on Youth Loan basis. Young promising portugese lad, heard from Alan Irvine (a family friend)who's currently in charge of the Everton Academy.

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Looks useful if true, but yet another youth loan signing - wheres the future in that?
Then again MM not gonna be here long enough to worry about our future, too busy looking after his own!

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10 Jan 2013 18:38:05
Wednesday to sign bothroyd on a permanet deal ith buxton going the other way

how stupid is DJ?

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The sad thing is i can see this happening

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Any1 who believes this has lost the plot!!

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That would make the DJ lovers think

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DJ lovers. Grow up.

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If this happens we should all give our season tickets up in protest as the manager has lost the plot

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Piggy blades fan trying it on. Come on agent Wilson u can do it

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Were set to make anoffer for jordan bowery

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Bothroyd couldn't wait to leave Wednesday so e won't be coming back

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Jordan Bowery plays for villa

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Villa paid Chesterfield 500k for Bowery less than 6months ago and Lambert rates him.
So unless hes having language difficulties with the Brummies I cant see it .

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Buxt on struggles at Championship level with good opposition any one who watched him against Zaha at Palace will know that. So first point is he will not be joining a Premier club if any of them daft enough to offer money for him we should take it. Read DJ's comments on Boothroyd when he left does anyone seriously think he would bring him back? Would those trying hard to destabilise club by this type of rubbish back off.

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Chesterfield fans didn't even rate Bowery, they were glad to see the back of him. They couldn't believe Villa paid 500k. He's a league 2 player at best

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I think you'll find any full back struggles against Zaha!!! {Ed001's Note - McNaughton didn't when Cardiff faced him.}

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10 Jan 2013 09:21:43
Wednesday have been talking to at least 4 clubs regarding loan players dj is trying his best to bring in new faces the trouble is they don't want to come Hillsborough is on a downer at the moment

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It is time that everyone stopped moaning and realised that DJ is the best manager that we have had for a while. how much more disruption do we need? MM is a succesful businessman who knows what he is doing and would not risk his investment if he was not happy with the current state of affairs. Those folks who always seem to know better should have faith in both MM and DJ and lets build something here. No more knee jerk reactions please!

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Good point people with a memory span of a gnat should stop and think what has been achieved since MM and DJ came to SWFC

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!00% right!

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But some are capable of looking forward instead of dwelling on the past.

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As long as it is not looking forward into oblivion....

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How many managers in howmany years??? How many have Man Utd had in this time scale?? Maybe the high managerial turnover plan isnt working??

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^ I have to agree with you.

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10 Jan 2013 10:39:58
Thank you the Milan Mandaric PR Team You have been busy on here this morning

I do believe however that Sheffield Wednesday fans have a fair idea how the club is going

We are the ones who pay good money every week to watch a very poor team

We know football and this club is going no where fast because the Club Management sucks!!

A great club with a massive fan base being led by a profit hungry chairman and a manager who has very clearly lost the plot

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There is none so blind as those who don't want to see

Milan Mandaric is interested in PROFIT

He is NOT interested in Sheffield Wednesday, we are a business commodity to be sold for a PROFIT

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I will tell you what we have achieved synced MM & DJ came to Hillsborough

The club is back in financial control of its finances

Gary Megson built a team with passion and was in a good position

Megson got the sack but HIS team remained

Dave Jones came in and took the glory

We got promoted and Dave Jones was allowed to bring players in

We are now 3rd from bottom of the Championship 5 places above last season

This is progress but it's all about PROFITS

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The best manager we had was Gary Megson! He built a team what had passion and he was moving OUR club forward. Dave Jones came in got Promoted with Gary Megsons team and the passion Megson had pumped in to his players and then demolished everything Gary Megson built up. Dave Jones is taking us backwards.How can anyone say he is the best manager that we have had in a while?? This baffles me Dave Jones is a passionless, clueless manager and for us to move forward again He has got to go!! We need some passion back its like having Alan Irvine in charge allover again! DAVE JONES OUT

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Well Said Mate

Jones Out NOW


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If Milan is that good then he needs to admit he has made a mistake with appointing Jones

Get rid of him

Appoint a proven manager and back him financially because this is the last chance he will get before the new spending regulations come in next season

3 Million is nothing to Mandaric

Get it spent NOW

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People seem to forget that Dave Jones took us up, YES with Megsons team BUT with a totally different way of playing! I doubt very much we would have gone up without this big change. We need stability manager wise & there arent that many good managers available so keep the faith. Its not as if we are bottom of the table & 10 points adrift! Nearly every fan I know would happily take us simply staying up this season. MM is after profit no doubt & will acheive this by being an astute business man NOT by being an emotional fan! Everyone deserves their opinion but just because you buy an ice-cream doesnt mean you own the van!! UTO

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So your trying to say to us 'we would of been promoted had Megson still been in charge come May 2012'?

That is complete rubbish, if you think megson could of taken us on that amazing 18 game unbeaten run you are in dreamland!

But i agree Jones is passionless and something has changed in him since 10 months ago, i dont know what, but it has. There is no longer passion or desire. Just laziness and dispare! Before you question this i am a season ticket holder and have been to all but 3 games this season.

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Time to go Dave Jones

You have had backing now you need Sacking

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Many fans were booing GM and criticising the football. Shame really, he may still have been at our club.

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I really don't understand how anyone can say that Dave Jones is a good manager. What qualities as a leader, man manager, motivator, coach are apparent from the performance of the team since he took over. Which of his skills instills this faith that all will be well by the end of this season. What in his personal history suggests he's a top rate manager. The fans at his previous clubs seem to say he's now performing to type, that they were glad to see the back of him and we will be too. I am a candidate for conversion to worship at Dave Jones temple of faith: convince me! someone!

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We can all have an opinion on here about what should be done but its Milans club and he and only he will decide

I think we the fans are being taken advantage of, we pay our money and we have the right of opinion

But unfortunately Milan will do whatever he likes as we are not important enough to be a consideration

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Sorry but I believe we would have been promoted under GM DJ got a lucky break with mr evans not being with us anymore ! MM made us solvent yes but how can you possibly say look what we have achieved ?? we got automatic promotion due to a lucky break, we got here but for all these wonderful achievements you talk about we are on our way back. Please explain these wonderful achievements and progress we have made because I am not seeing any UTO eric the owl

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Yes we have had alot of managers but they ain't been up to scratch apart from charlton, Wilkinson, atkinson we need a manager like these notmuppets like we always seem to have get a good quality manager and a number 2 and the good times will come again

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Agreed dj's team played a completely different way to gm's but that was more down to terry burton than dj and since he went its all gone tits up

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We were lucky to go up last season, thanks to Mr Evans getting locked up.
We had a good league one squad though which hasn't improved much, if at all. We have veterans who haven't pulled up any trees, players in their prime who are all borderline league one/championship players; O'Grady, Semedo, Buxton, Lines etc., and shed loads of promising young players.
The blend isn't right, perfomances aren't consistent and motivation/man management/PR stinks. Where the hell do we go from here?

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It was a question if we would have made play offs under Megson. Our form had completely gone and squabbling behind scees had caused problems. The chap above has revealed he is actually a unitedite by saying losing Evans cost "us". Thought for some time a lot of posts were being made by non wednesdayites and this proves it and most of negative comments have come from just two people you can tell by style of writing.

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Sorry mate don't (see no cost us) I see a not with us - meaning he is away - not here - in the big house or to be more simple - not with us you should read things properly before you call someone the worst thing you can call them a unitttteeeddiii sorry it makes me ill to think about it let alone say it eric the owl UTO

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I dont think we would Be doing any better under megson, im not saying dave jones is better but megson is far too defensive he creates boring football by being too conservative and he was being found out by the end of last season when games where getting tougher having said that his players have been far far better than dave jones's useless lot

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That's my exact thoughts JR.

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It's funny but I think these guys speak to each other on , and swarm into attack whenever anybody says anything they don't agree with.
Quite sad really.

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Megson was playing to the strengths of his limited squad, and his limited funds. DJ has since increase the squad with buys and loans but hasn't improved it despite the backing of MM.

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Utter rubbish. Jones lost the plot when he lost Terry Burton. He has signed lousy players, side lined better players and created a relegation crisis. As for MM I will be always grateful to him for saving Wednesday but the lack of investment is appalling. No doubt Jones is already looking at various has beens, never beens and never will be's. Sorry for all those who think this is negative but you may think Wednesday are no better than relegation fodder but properly managed and certainly with ( a little) investment they would amount to a lot more.

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Absolute Swillers.

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Not enough to just tick the agree box for the last post, spot on mate, couldn't have put it better myself.

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10 Jan 2013 01:00:12
SWFC had an enquiry rejected for Paul Connolly from Leeds.

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No they have not. They have not made any bids or offers

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