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10 Dec 2013 18:54:41
Wednesday have now approached;

Talks with Holloway, Solskaejer, Phelan, still ongoing.

Keane bit of a smokescreen,

Pearce wants job and has approached us, Mandaric not convinced

Hasslebank don't know what's happening.

De Matteo Finance/conract situation prevents this being option.

Evans refused permission to speak.

Warnock Mutually agreed not for him.

Ince interest in him not sure what's going on with this.

Apparently high profile European manager has been in touch, not much detail on this.

Five man intial list did include Evans, Warnock, Ince, No idea on others.

Info acquired from several folks ho reckon to know what's happening, being fair to them was correlation on above comments.

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Good post cheers

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10 Dec 2013 20:45:56
Good post just hope its one of the 3 mentioned first thanks mate

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OGS or Phelan. perfect

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D I CANIO singing D I CANIO please let this be true, fight passion and with a big point to prove, his antics on the sidelines will bring everyone together

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Geezer on plane said he'd heard Sven Goran Erikksen's thrown his hat in ring.

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OGS and Phelan could be working as a pair manager and coach.

Just heard Terry Burton may be an option.

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11 Dec 2013 12:21:12
Alex MacLeish new fav for job

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Stuart Grey will be manager if we win at the weekend

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Best laugh I've had in ages reading this

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10 Dec 2013 11:03:50
Solksjaer pondering move to Owls. delaying contract talks with Molde.

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Basically all what we need is a manager who will actually care about his team and i'd like to see a manager who has Wednesday blood pumping through his veins like Megson! UTO

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According to Sportsnews OGS is being linked with Birmingham, with SC due to be shown the door.

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Birmingham want him aswell but I think he will wait for a prem club.

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Personally I wouldnt mind phil parkinson at bradford he's done wonders there worth a shout.

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History shows fans of club do not make best managers of that club. This obsession with fans of a club to be manager is flawed. Same applies when fans of club want to own a club does not work.
So move on and support club.

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Here Here. Bring back Meggo. Got us promoted to the championship and would no doubt have had us at the other end of the table by now. Half of our problem over the last 18 months as not just been bad signings, bad tactics and bad management, it's been players not caring and fighting. Under Meggo we got exactly that. The first thing rival managers used to say after losing against us week in week out under Meggo's reign was, they wanted it more than we did and how we won individual battles all over the pitch. I agree it didn't always look good on the eye but if that's what it takes to win games and avoid relegation then I'd take it tomorrow.

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Send out an SOS for Megson. We need winners now not players that don't mind losing. We are desperate for battlers that fight for every ball. Eat some Humble Pie MM and bring back the man who really got us promoted.

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Megson did NOT get us promoted, his team did. And after the chesterfield fiasco there is no way megson would have gone on the unbeaten run that got us promoted under jones. However jones should Av been removed sooner than he was

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Dave Jones got us promoted!

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Dave Jones DID NOT get us promoted
All the hard work had been done before he arrived

Dave Jones nearly got us relegated and made a real mess here so you need to wake up and smell the coffee

Dave Jones looked after Dave Jones

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Dave Jones DID get us promoted, all be it, with Megsons team. As Much as a Megson fan I am (and would love him back), He wouldn't have taken on the run that Dave Jones did. Jones failed miserably afterwards but the bottom line is DAVE JONES GOT US PROMOTED!

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