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10 Dec 2012 18:06:40
Reading will sack there manager before the transfer window opens as their foreign owners want there own man (Dick Advocat) source reading fans. If this was to happen MM should go in for McDermott as he is the man who has all the credentials of making Wednesday successful again his track record speaks for it's self!

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Reading chairman been singing managers praises stating they are punching well above their weight so can't see Macdermott being sacked anytime soon. And as for Dick Advocaat going to Reading, do me a favour.

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I agree with the first posing, McDermott is a very good manager - there are a few good managers available, but getting the right one is the hard part. I have seen many names mentioned (most we cant afford) and to be honest due to the position we are in some would think twice about coming here. I think the players we have are good enough to stay up (but only just) We need a manager that will live and breathe SW a ginger haired fellow comes to mind but would MM think that way - maybe not, If MM spends some money (and I am aware of what he has already spent) He will still make a lot of money out of our club, if that's all he is after. We as fans don't look at things like that we just want our team back where we belong in the big time, lets be heard tell them what we think at the next home game (I will be there) I hope you will too because right now our team needs US so lets be there for them all for one and one for all lets get behind the best club in the land because we are the best supporters UTO for ever _ eric the owl {Ed003's Note - The way I look at it is your support had expectations way beyond reality(That is not a dig because you are clearly massive) a year of consilidation would have been more realistic and build slowly imo}

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Won't happen n even if it did he'd get wait for another London club

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To Ed003 - the expectations were for consolidation , our performances won't even threaten survival ! Its not just the results its the hopelessness behind them!
That's why the fans are moaning.
Hard to grasp perhaps for an outsider ?

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I fully agree with Ed003. However, I think things have slipped way below a season of consolidation now and fans have the right to be distraught.

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I really don't think many of us had too high expectations.
Thats something other fans say but i think most owls realistically though top 12 or 14th as a lowest position,with very slight chance of playoffs.

This season has been a shambles.
I'm so annoyed that the quality we needed in the summer never arrived and a few players that i think could do well never get a start.
All we wanted was to compete.

Jones has been completely stubborn and dismissed the fans as persons.
I don't know what i can do except for stay away from games.
Its an expensive game these days and i can't justify the money watching crap.

Its so frustrating because we had a good side with good morale.
I've never wanted a manager out before but i think jones has got to go for the good of the club but i don't see any signs of it happening.

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Why does a word that's not very offensvce get changed to "persons" ? {Ed056's Note - What might not seem to be offensive to one person may well cause offence to someone else, so some words are replaced with "persons" automatically to be sure . The substance of the post remains intact.

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For example Persons United and Sheffield Persons...

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10 Dec 2012 17:47:38
Jones says on Radio Sheffield that he has not had an ultimatum from the board and he has not spoken to Milan since Friday. Does that mean Milan is staying out of Jones way until he has a replacement in place? God I hope so.

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"cant talk now dave im with roberto di matteo i mean im busy "

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11 Dec 2012 10:27:30
All I'm going to say is negativity runs down so if the fans are negative it runs down to the players... Just like last year it was positive it encouraged the players. Now we are on the players back after every bad pass it can't help with have a history of being negative weather jones is in charge on not you should still get behind the team for the full 90 mins and moan afterwards but we do both!!!

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There were sat together last night at the shirt sponsor xmas dinner

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WHO ??

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Let us be calm and think about it: Milan has had invested in Dave Jones (especially after our promotion) and gave him the freedom to make many changes at the club, including training grounds, getting his own new players etc, that will prosper the owls and back to top tier, this is reality! The outcome is unfortunately smack in the face, not only for the fans but also for MM, because for MM is a failed business at the end of the day and that the money he has released for DJ have mostly been wasted particularly the new signings DJ has made :-( Adding to that MM may still be paying Megson and possibly Irvine according to their contracts agreements ( not sure but more likely ?)
NOW, MM is paying for a loosing business so far heading towards relegation from the outset with very little hope forthcoming from the manager and players to survive and reverse the trend of miserable results in this season so far .... ALSO, the fans are paying for a loosing business as well spending hard earn money and watching a team with minimum success and enjoyment.. BUT above all at the end of each match fans disappointment and frustration have become more and more unbearable and worst than that they are asked to stay the course and maintain their support, stick together the notion now these days !. In other words keep spending your money and watching your beloving club sinking with hardly any joy to watch most of the time and rubbish results.
Come on Milan, we still support you and grateful to you as we love our club so much that we want you to make the RIGHT DECISION before it is too late please

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Well you started off calm mate but I think you lost it at the end ! ....... but I'm sure we all understand why and what you mean !!`

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I go to every home game calm and full of confidence then I hear the team news and realise Bothroyd has been picked again and my calmness and confidence ebbs a little, I look at the team tactics and they ebb a bit more, then when I see the players looking as they don't know what they are supposed to be doing it ebbs a little bit more and finally when Jones makes his baffling substitutions and it has almost gone completely.

But I still cheer and support the team. I am not alone, most fans are like me they are passionate and only want to a successful team. The big problem for MM is not to take us for granted. I have supported the Owls since 1948 and was a constant supporter at Hillsborough until the 1980s when the club started taking the fans for granted. I got so disillusioned that I voted with my feet and only started going again to every home game a few years ago.

My point is this, it costs a lot of money to attend a football match and in these hard times when money is tight, that money can easily be spent on other things, and when fans get out of the habit of going to matches because they feel they are not getting value for their hard earned money or not being listened to or being taken for granted, it can take a long time before they get back into the habit of going to games.

MM is a successful business man and seems tuned into what is good for his businesses but I hope that he is not blind to the fans unrest.

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"Wise Old Owl" Well said mate, as I have already said a few times its "OUR" Wednesday

We still need to support the team and go and do what do we do best but I understand times are hard for all especially at this time of year.

I am totally baffled with Milan Mandaric's silence and his continued support of someone who is just not cutting the mustard, I don't care what DJ has done at other clubs, he is not doing it here at that is what concerns me.
I am sure if Milan could see what we see and do the right thing he will have the respect of the fans
I loved the comment about not letting DJ buy a bovril at half time, I am sure the lads who came in pre season and are not getting games must be gutted, when I played I was well miffed if I was not selected, but to see Bothroyd going through the motions, Sidibe dashing through the middle on his crutches must destroy their confidence and it fills me with dread.

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10 Dec 2012 14:28:53
remember when this page was about rumours and not about fans moaning about the club. seems a very long time ago i came on here and actually read a rumour

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What else would proper fans do but moan with the state we're in . If you're not moanin you don't care !
Easy solution anyway, dont come on.

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I heard a rumour that Dave Jones is useless but I 'm not going to moan about it .... till later!
Happy now ?

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10 Dec 2012 17:19:28
"Wise Old Owl" ok for our friend who says we are all moaners here is a rumour for you pal

If Dave Jones stays as Manager the rumour is Wednesday will get Relegated, read it on a toilet wall in Rawson Springs

There are about 20000 Wednesday fans who are rumoured to be concerned about our current league position heard it coming out of Hillsborough on Saturday and on radio sheffield

Other rumours say Pig Fans want Dave Jones to be our manager until we go out of business my pig supporting mate has told me 2000 times today, the day before and no doubt tomorrow

Sorry to offend but get a life or get this seen t'lane

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We've got a lot to moan about.

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Agree mate but this is fact milan will not splash money around till we can move players out ,and who wants em.

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Well Millwall wanted Beevers, I am sure COG has his admirers Lines, Antonio and Madine are good players

Kieran Lee was player of the year at Oldham but has not had a sniff

I am sure there are any clubs who will take them

Would you be confident Dave Jones can bring in the "quality players"he says we don't have

Moving players out is not the problem it's getting better players in and I for one would let Dave Jones buy me a Bovril at half time!

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Spot on mate , its a real worry.
Just for example, first he thinks Lee & Rodri are good enough to sign , sings their praises , then they dont get a kick in a team that he more less says are useless ??
On the other hand he knows Bothroyd "was" good, but doesn't realise that he isn't now, and continues to play him ??
Whats really worrying though is that this is not new for DJ - he is famous for it with Cardiff fans ! - and probably the Wolves fans too but I dont know any!
So get ready, you can bet all our BEST players will be sold & Bothroyd and all his old mates will be signed and I will tear out what little bit of hair I've got left !

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PLEASE don't let DJ buy or sell any more players for the Owls !
Never known a manager with such BAD judgement about players - what does he see ?

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10 Dec 2012 11:04:31
I'm going to make a prediction and you're not going to like it. ..... Jones will be here next season !
MM won't want to pay 3 managers , and in any case can't see any decent manager wanting the job with state we 're in !
So I think MM is going to bat it out with Jones , whatever the consequences.
Jones will tell him all our players need to go, cos its not his fault ! , there"ll be lots of buying and selling in January - and we'll still go down .
I hope I'm wrong but I fear we have got a stubborn, arrogant manager , backed up by a stubborn arrogant chairman and the consequences are inevitable.
PS: if DJ gets sacked this week its because MM read this post I hope ! ( bald old wise old!)

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He's not a bad manager,not a great one but he must have some personality issues for us to be in such a state.
He doesn't admit his mistakes,is stubborn and i am sure he has fallen out with a few players.
He's had some bad luck with players with decent reps suddenly becoming donkeys.And we have had some bad luck on the pitch,especially early in the losing streak.

But he has made mistakes and luck is against him so the only option is for him to go or face going down with 100% certainty.

If we did go down though i kind of think he will privately have learnt from it and wouldn't make as much of a hash of it next season.
Rather see him go though personally.

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Swallow you pride MM and get Megson back.
Then it wont cost you owt and fans and players will be happy.
He would have got us up anyway.Blades bottled it when ched got locked up and we fed off it.Would have happened who ever was in charge.
Megson can be accused of boring football but thats because its the best way when you have a tight chairman.I'm sure he'd love to have flair players in the team.
I've met megson away from hillsborough a few times and he's a top bloke.The boring steve davis mode is just when he's doing his job.
Get him back ffs

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Getting boring now

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I agree with the prediction, I've thought it for a couple of weeks now. And you're right I don't like it but looking at the situation from MM's point of view what you outline makes sense. I can't see him paying three managers either but you watch, by 5.00 today DJ will be gone just to prove us wrong....I wish.

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I agree with OP prediction.
I think he should go, today, but who would come here then , with MMs chopper dangling over your head ... you know what I mean !!
Maybe our best chance is with DJ ?
If MM digs really deep in Jan for 4-5 real quality , EXPERIENCED players cos his reputation is on the line as well as his investment.
If JB goes back to QPR, and Jones accidentally hits on a winning formula, it would have to be an accident cos hes no idea what hes doing.
That might be our best , or only chance to still be in this lge next year .
Unless he could somehow persuade GM to forgive him , nahh more chance getting Sir Alex !

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I guess it's a case of "suck it & see".

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10 Dec 2012 10:39:55
When Megson went I felt sorry for him, I didn't like his style of play but we were, on the whole in a good position for the playoffs at least and may have still got automatic promotion. However Jones came in changed the style and we won automatic promotion but perhaps the biggest reason we got promoted was TheUtdPlayer being jailed and Jones has to be grateful for that.

This season has been a disaster, his signings have been terrible and his tactics worse, his chopping and changing of the team unfathomable, his blind faith in over the hill not interested strikers divisive and his lack of man management skills corrosive.

Having I have to say that, on Saturday we were not beaten by the better team, although our midfield as usual was outplayed but by two or maybe three ridiculous penalty decisions.

The first penalty is the one I am not sure about, we sit at the Kop end of the North Stand so it is difficult to be sure but no Bristol City player appealed nor did the City fans. I have not seen it on TV but from where we were sitting everybody around us thought it was harsh.

The second penalty decision I have no doubt about we were right in line with it and the ball clearly hit Madine on the right side of his chest/upper arm. Madine had his arm at his side, so what could he do. To make matters worse there were two players between Mariner and Madine masking his view, again no City player appealed.

The most blatant penalty claim was the hand ball by the City player that we at the Kop end of the ground saw but the person of a ref choose not to see. Whilst our players were appealing Madine scored but after he had scored and Mariner realised he had scored he gave City a free kick. After the game he told Jones that Lliera had pushed him, now if he had pushed him that is a sending off offence but he didn't send him off. He told the Sunday newspapers that Rodri had protested too much so he gave City a free kick. I have looked in the FA rule book and I can find nothing that covers or justifies his decision. We have hade a string of poor referees this season and every time we see one we think that is the worst one but a few weeks later on comes another.

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Without question we have been incredibly unlucky with referee`s and there are way to many instances that I can point to, However it really started going wrong for us when Bothroyd was bought in and being totally unfit by his own admission continued to be played in every match only jones know`s why? by the time he had got something like Jones had started to panic, playing players in wrong positions swapping an changing then other thing came in and that is bothroyd is a lazy so-an-so coupled with the championship quality to have moved on and has left bothroyd and I would include Clarke in this type of talented ner do well totally left behind, But thats why we have a manager to hire the sort of player that fits in a teams style of play and that unfortunately is what we have not got!

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Spot on it all started when Bothroyd came.
I don't think it was just because he wasn't adding anything to the team either .
It was the damage it did to the morale of the rest of the team cos Jones carried on picking him - even though he was doing nothing !
And to make things even worse , if one of the players who were trying made a mistake they got publicly slated, something a GOOD manager never does in any walk of life !

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