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10 Aug 2013 13:38:15
Apparently a deal has been agreed with Manchester United for a 3 month loan deal for their youngster Adnan Januzaj. featured in many pre season games and looks like the ball playing footballer we need in CM.

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Jones has said no players in, til some go out

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Losing 0-2 to burnley so need to sell and buy quickly as we are now rock bottom. Looks like another nightmare season, I know its early days but we always seem to be playing catch up football. DJ says we have good players so if its not them who is it?

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What a start for the season. Three loses so far! And still some naive simple minded fans think it is ok. At least have the courage to acknowledge it and join me to put pressure on MM to get us quality additions and do something for heaven sake. Look, it is an obvious outcome as

I was hoping to be proved wrong but it must be said again: NO DECENT SIGNINGS THIS SEASON
And that exactly what we have got and heading to. I am dreading it! (NDS)

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Man utd could send rooney but it won't help this team, this team are good for short bursts then nothing, passing is child like and by far the worst team in championship, next season if we keep this same team div 1 mid table at best.

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I'm not saying we have any chance of promotion but if you think three losses is a signal that were going down, you do know crystal palace lost their first five games last year? Where did they end up?

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Where we won't that's for sure

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Previous season Reading bottom after a dozen games.
Looked difficult first league games on paper and turned out to be the sitation. Look how we did last year against Burnley.

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10 Aug 2013 20:26:36
Crystal palace may have lost their first five games but they had some awesome players like zaha and (Phillips, ancient but a goal poacher, who we could do with). Who can you see in our team banging in some incredible goals and assists? So many decent premier league under 21 players released last season who are better than most of our players and don't need a fee to sign and who do we buy? A league two player and a Portuguese child. Even though prutton scored today our centre mid is pretty crap, and we are still playing kick and chase football. We have been for so long. Need a change of our whole football ethic. Rant over.

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Palace and Readibg both had better more experienced squads we need proven goal scorer/s and they cost money either in transfer fee or wages

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First poster says we are going to sign a kid on loan from Manchester United for 3 month. WHY? Wots the point. Also I'm sick of concentratin on development squad. let's sort the 1st team out 1st ffs. Been watchin owls since 1955 an seen one trophy won. At this rate by the time we win another one i'll be pushin daises up from under the pitch mik

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There are still 44 league games left its a bit defeatist to reside us to relegation already. Sounds mental but let's get behind the team

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It's horrible to say that I think that our club is becoming a laughing stock smaller clubs in this league have been spending buying quality and our great club is struggling to buy quality players how can that be with the fantastic support we have mm dig in to your deep pockets and spend before it's to late

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We need an owner with ambition not an owner who's only in it for the fame that goes with it.

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We were a laughing stock for 10 years before Milan took over. For first time in years we have some stability and we can see steady investment in club. Richards, Wednesdayite and Allen between them took the club to the wall, you do not put write 12 years of wrongs in a couple of years.
So let's have some realism instaed of clowns with fantasy football heads on.

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Do people not realise we can't splash out with these new fair play rules? If no one wants any of our players then were going to have to stick with the current squad.

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Needs more than money to get good players to come. If you were a quality player how anxious would you be to join the club under its current management?

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I remember last season DJ saying it takes time for a team to gel does this only apply to Wednesday because other teams bought new players last season and did ok. Same again this year it takes time for team to gel. If this is the case why do we always wait till just before season starts before we get players in? and don't make excuse we had to wait till players were available because there were some really good players being sold early in transfer window many of them on freebie so why are we always last? I, m not a neg I just would like to know why! - because we fall for this every year, I hope we don't have to wait until we play the blunts again before we register a win

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He played for them in the community shield so don't get your hopes up

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The Manchester United youngster to us must be a joke he's for to good for our set of dumplings Mr. C

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I don't believe for 1 minute that were not bringing anymore players until we move players out, if DJ is telling the truth then were going to have a tough season.

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Its still early days but we need more faces especially in CM and ST. The issue we have is we signed coke and prutton on new deals when we should have been more ambitious and tried to bring in better. we got to many average midfielders and two many out of form strikers.

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1955 sure we have won trophies since then!

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10 Aug 2013 12:14:26
I have this on good authority that bristol city have made an offer for gary madine. The club have accepted the offer but it is now up to madine to decide if he wants to move uto

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Hope so as madine is rubbish! may as well play development team strikers instead of that waste of space

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Hope we don't live to regret it

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He is not in today's squad

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10 Aug 2013 14:34:41
Madine not in matchday squad

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No madine in squad today so could be true

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Could be true don't think he's in the squad today.

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Madine not featuring today against Burnley

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That 'waste of space' helped us get promoted. Some Owls fans are way too disrespectful!

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I personally will be sad to let him go but if the goals aren't coming from him now we're better off getting rid

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Madine did well in an inferior league. he's not up to championship standard so let's stop the let's give him a chance rubbish and let him go. by the way 3 losses in 3. not good jones

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DJ said Madine isn't playing because of impending court case.

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He isn't playing because heis up in court in two weeks and the club think he should concentrate on that

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Madine wasnt in the line up against burnley because he was out on the piss in sheffield friday night, he was in a reat state giving it the big I am. Get this waste of space out.

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Madine wasnt in the squad yesterday due to his court case being 2 weeks away and he's been told to concentrate on that with his soliciters, he will still be training but won't feature in any matches until after his court case. This was said by dave jones on radio sheffield after the game yesterday. A can not see any club wanting to buy madine until after his court case seen his he could possibly go to prison as he is up in sheffielod crown court.

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As for the clown writing he was in a state last night and he's a waste of space, do you not get drunk and get in a state? have u never got drunk or been in a state? Give the kid a break he's obviously been told he isn't going to be involved so he's gone outbig deal. Clearly just an person looking for a reason to have a pop at him. Grow up!

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