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06 Aug 2011 23:26:57
yeah could be..that roberts is that winger and he scored today and didnt celebrate looks like hes on his way out...

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Bo***cks, just watched his goal on the football league show and he celebrated as normal.....

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06 Aug 2011 23:14:25
my god what are all my fellow wednesday know alls on lets get common sense here shall we . we wont sign anyone yet if we win a few games manderic will sit and wait wont spend yet plenty of time 45 games to go yet i bet we spend if we stutter for a few games.

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Why wait till we stutter need to get players now not when were are in the bottom 3 and sacking megson

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Totally agree why wait for sh*t to hit fan before we make a move if they can bring players in they will have a bit of faith

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06 Aug 2011 22:56:38
does anyone know who these 3 players are weve put bids in for?


Yes, Ashley Peacock, David Blunkett and Mr. Bean.

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06 Aug 2011 22:17:41
To all the back stabbing half wits who are more than likely just arm chair supporters, stop your moaning and whinging. The team GM fielded today did what they had to do - get 3 points. GM is a clever tactical manager. Get behind him and the team. Get off your fat ars*s and get down to Hillsborough.

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At last --- someone talking sense on here WELL DONE THAT MAN

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Or come and watch a real team down at the lane utid fto

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Danny Wilson gotta win a few games to win over all the Blunts so they stop giving him grief (you know how fickle they are, couple of wins and he will be a god) and then his master plan will begin to ensure they drop to League 2 UP THE OWLS

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06 Aug 2011 21:38:04
Defence and centre midfield looked tight today, with Prutton putting in a class performance. However, the wings and front line as expected, was seriously lacking. Only chance Clint had...well he just fell over

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06 Aug 2011 20:34:44
Any fool would know that a club in the Championship would attract more money than one in League 1, MM is a business man and won't be here forever (Portsmouth - Leicester). He will make a profit when he sells and we will be in a better league (and financial position) when he does.

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Spot on. That is what I have said previously on this site. Once we have stability (ie promotion) MM will sell. A championship club with big crowds and debt free would be an exciting prospect for any potential buyer.

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When manderic sells we will be in league 2 end of this season ( uncle Fred )

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06 Aug 2011 20:32:12
we go Davin Prutton
Jesus is his cousin
na na na na

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Agree x1,000,000

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06 Aug 2011 20:03:26
Great result to kick start our season, but a winger and striker is a must, so far only two offers have been made for Le Fondre, both have been turned down as they are some way off the £500,000 valuation set by Rotherham. Codey McDonald is priced too high for Megsons liking, still a doubter of Clinton Morrison, seems he struggles for the bigger sides.

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06 Aug 2011 19:31:50
great game today, well done gary megson. well done for proving all the critics and doubters wrong really solid performance today from the lads inparticular prutton who scored an absolute scorcher by the way everyone looked impressive today and well organised, even sedgewick had a decent game. morrison n madine were ok but didnt pose that much threat. great to see how enthusiastic n emphatic GM is we could all see n hear him running up n down the dugout n shouting instructions. think this is a really positive start for us n hopefully we can build on this now although it will be tough with blackpool on thursday n then away on saturday really optimistic though.

when GM was on radio sheff after game he gave an honest analysis and said he couldnt reveal much else about transfers and has stated he doesnt have much to do with it he just tells MM n PA who he wants but did say we have made an improved bid for one of the players. there is believed to be 3 more players we have bids in for. (think 1 winger n 2 strikers) also noticed in programme no.s 8,9,and 10 missing so who knows?

the first thing what needed sortin when GM came in was our defence and i now believe we have got one of the strongest if the strongest defence in our league. well done meggo owl for life.
the band and all the fans were amazing today aswell.
all in all really nice to come away from s6 smiling just a shame pigs won were all wednesday arent we? wtid uto ftb

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06 Aug 2011 19:10:13
Good start, notice none of the strikers were on target We desperately need some fire power. I really think a decent striker will be the missing piece in the jigsaw. An additional striker and a winger would be a huge bonus.

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06 Aug 2011 18:39:47
Well done GM Good signings on the strength of today midfield looks good despite no JJ, good to see that we have options in this area as midfield has been the let down area for a long time now. Sure GM will get the players he wants and credit to him for not making panic buys, it's frustrating for everyone but how many bad signings have we made over the years PR OWL

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Agree, but we need signings and if there the ones we've heard about they will be the right ens.

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06 Aug 2011 16:38:47
f*uckin r8 goal prutton

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06 Aug 2011 15:58:11
Afobe Le Fondre
Palmer Semedo Prutton JJ
Bennett Jones Batth Buxton

Probebly Doubtful With Strikers But Thats What I Would Like To See Every Week.

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Buxton R.jones Bath D.jones
Palmer semedo prutton sedgewick
modest clizza-mozza

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06 Aug 2011 15:49:20
i nil up and playing s**te

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I nil up?

Whats that mean?

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| LOL Correct

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I nil up ---> 1 nil up

playing s**te ---> playing best for 5+ years.

Uncle Craig.

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06 Aug 2011 09:48:53
Well uncle Craig was right after all,
Ahhhhhhhh,oh to be so right. :-)
we,v been trying to sign players all week, so what you claim megson said doesnt realy work out, im sure they wernt thinking we better not sign le fondre so a random bloke can be right. no way megson told you this. players can still be signed on loan up till 3hrs before kick off.

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We don't need negativge fans like you, so you were right, 24000 other people don't care, you will have heard of a bad looser, but a bad winner is worse, i'll pay for you lane season ticket, we are better off without you support

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