Sheffield Wednesday Banter Archive October 03 2012


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03 Oct 2012 19:01:37
Well done to the lads. It feels like a win to me.
I hope I can say that Ive been wrong about Bothroyd. but whatever cog played with every bit of passion that I could hope for and he caused problems for them big time everybody played their part including the fans that went there so well done to them as well.

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03 Oct 2012 10:01:12
Delighted with the result and the improvement on the pitch. However, we should not forget that we are still leaking goals. If we have no proven defensive coach, is it not time to let Bywater do the job from between the sticks ?

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Agreed, I've posted a couple of times now that we need to adequately replace Terry Burton.
It is glaringly obvious to anybody that has played the game at a reasonable level that the defence is not working as a unit. A good defence coach should be able to reduce the number of goals we are conceding immediately. I am amazed and disappointed that its not happening? You have to build from the back !
I have kept faith with DJ, but if he keeps his faith with Wilkinson I think it will cost him and the club.

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Agree. Maybe DJ should ask that other Wilkinson (Howard) for a few observations?

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