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03 Aug 2012 19:55:39
we got antonio

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Any one no what deal is contract length Ben Marshall now lol big thanks to gary megson

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Someones commented on star website that the figure is believed to be around 1.2m!

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Surely we are not that stupid

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That sum will include add ons

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Think in football 1.2 mil is peanuts but I very much doubt we have payed that much for him I would say 800,000 tops on a 3 year contract

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03 Aug 2012 17:41:35
lee barnard would be a good signing, can't see why
southampton want to get rid.

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He has been injured for a while plus they got sharp,lambert,guly and rodriguez. so i doubt he would get in team be a decent signing for us though

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Got a decent scoring record for them to mate, would be good for us.

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Not good enough

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But he did not manage many goals in championship due to injury

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03 Aug 2012 17:36:48
Antonio having a medical NOW

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03 Aug 2012 16:36:02
all these strikers being linked with our club only rumours but not one of them gives me any optimism all guys who cant get games at other clubs in the championship clubs or have average records in lower league, really dont think were going to be anywhere near this year. its time to get te supporters excited about a signing or were going to be out of it by xmas

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What's all this moaning. have a bit of faith!

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If you exspecting a big name striker to come in its not going to happen their wage demands are stupid it will be some one you proberbly have not heard of from abroad and will get slated but I'm sure d no,sj what he is looking for better than any one on here it's his job have a bit of faith glad some of the fans on here are not running the club or we would be playing in hillsborough park on a Sunday

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Most of the namesthrown up we would not look at, and some of reports off mark. DJ has said they had pulled out of ?Norris race 2 weeks before he signed for Leeds and moved on.

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03 Aug 2012 15:21:27
Christophe Berra would be an amazing addition! N yeah I know we need wingers n a striker but it's just a thought

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Yeah but were not going to pay 3 million for him

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03 Aug 2012 08:51:43
Dont you think its ironic no other teams being linked with Antonio at the price being quoted by Reading Must be overpriced

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Typical of some people. If we miss out on a quality player then we've no ambition, MM is a miser PA is incompetent etc. When we look like signing a quality player then he's over priced and we are stupid to pay for him. Personally think if this deal is officially confirmed will be great news for the club.

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