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23 May 2012 23:49:13
Where is this info coming from about Luciano Becciho? If its true it would be a great signing! {Ed013's Note - It is someone's fantasy as he is one of Neil Warnocks key players, however he is not on 17K a week like some of the other posts are saying}

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DJ not interested in Becciho.

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I expect Ed that Bates would sell anyone if the price was right, regardless of what his manager thinks. As I'm not one of Becchios admirers I hope if there is any truth in the rumour Bates prices us out. I suspect though Someones having a laugh here suggesting one Leeds player after another.

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23 May 2012 16:29:51
Don't no how true this is or if not complete nonsense.
At school today I was with a friend and he has bbm and a guy on my mates bbm has a picture with Stephen Quinn which looks like is in the main reception at hillsbourgh, your thoughts, would he be someone who would fit nicely with our fans and do you reckon we'd even sign someone from the blunts?

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Sorry about this but it's his choice. Before people start attacking the lad lets remember he joined us at one of our lowest ever points, helped us stabilise last season and stop shipping goals and was a major factor this season. I wish him all the best, we'll move on.

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This comment was about Batth looks like I put it in wrong place! My face is as pink as a pigs shirt!

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I'd gladly sniper steven quinn from the stand if i see him on the pitch in a wednesday shirt.

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23 May 2012 12:31:36
News not rumour, Danny Baath has said he wants to fight for his place at Wolves . So at least that's another thing clear for Dave Jones, we need a Quality centre back.

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Maguire looking more likely every day. If Blades lose it is a certainty he will sign for us.

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Batth wants to play for home town team and you can not blame him for this. His chances will depend on them offloading other players, if they do not do this could well return.

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23 May 2012 10:47:46
wednesday set sign the following:

el hadj diouf-DONCASTER ROVERS

These are just players that dave jones has been intrested in signing not actual signings yet but hopefully we can get a few of them as they are all decent players.

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All nearly strikers eh

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As much as I would love him, I can't see West Ham letting go of Vaz Te - after the season he's had. He was one of the main reasons West Ham were promoted

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23 May 2012 07:57:53
Just had a look at Cardiffs page it seems that Jenny miller is out of favour. He could be a good addition. Any thoughts on that. The only problem is wages

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What's Mrs Miller been up to then ??

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Just because DJ came from Cardiff I doubt he'll sign the entire squad, although some on here think so. At Cardiff he was good at getting unknowns and turning them into class players, I expect he'll do the same here.

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DJ does not make a habit of raiding former clubs. Most of stuff about ex cardiff players is made up.

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23 May 2012 03:32:38
Surprised someone hasn't put we trying to sign drogba yet

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