14 Aug 2015 11:27:04
It's JORDEN RHODES . deal is nearly complete. father and son connection and Wednesday's new direction will prove decisive

1.) 14 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 11:59:08
Let it go :)

2.) 14 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 12:17:47
Your not one of these guys that ran into Chansiri and Rhoeder at the coffee shop and heard that rumour are you? LOL

3.) 14 Aug 2015
14 Aug 2015 12:46:25
I thought everyone had coffee with them every day! Its highly unlikely that Rhodes will move to anyone in this window. Blackburn are under a transfer embargo so can't sign any new players not even as a player transfer as part payment for one of their own so having already lost Gustede to Aston Villa they are not going to let there other main striker go. Might be a chance in the new year depending on the relative positions of the clubs but to be honest I don't think we need him

{Ed001's Note - if they sell Rhodes, they would be in a position to buy again mate. They are on the cusp of meeting the obligations to come out of the embargo.}

4.) 15 Aug 2015
15 Aug 2015 02:36:50
When Middlesbrough made a bid for Rhodes one of the reasons given by the owners was they wouldn't sell him to another Championship club. And refused to let him even talk to borough. They also said they would look at any offers from Premium clubs. But no serious interest shown. So very unlikely to be coming to us. Would be nice if it was true though.

5.) 15 Aug 2015
15 Aug 2015 08:24:28
The day we buy Jordan Rhodes is the day I win the euromlions I'll buy him for us and we all know that ain't gunna happen in fact if I did win I would want better value for money don't think he worth 12mil

6.) 15 Aug 2015
15 Aug 2015 11:26:25
More chance of Matty Fryatt coming back.

7.) 16 Aug 2015
16 Aug 2015 19:37:14
QPR only want 15m for Charlie Austin might as well go the extra yard